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SHOCKER: Twitter announces it's CEO dead!

SHOCKER: Twitter announces its CEO dead!
SHOCKER: Twitter Announces Its CEO Dead! Photo 1

It seems Social medias are taking the day embarrassing thier premiers of late.

Not long ago Facebook had briefly pronounced it's founder as dead, so today Dorsey — the visionary behind Twitter's inception and driving force for its development — was suspended from the service he helped create for hours.

Among those first to notice is Former TechCrunch'er Drew Olanoff

@jack was no longer reachable: So the CEO of Twitter is suspended. On Twitter. pic.twitter.com/ XCC2MP4EDJ — drew olanoff (@yoda) November 23, 2016

Twitter's CEO was not the only one affected as Twitter recently dropped the hammer and suspended a number of 'alt-right' figures from using its service with its own CEO was locked out for around two to three hours.

Dorsey reprised his famous first tweet with a message explaining that there had been an “internal mistake”

just setting up my twttr…again (account suspension was an internal mistake) — jack (@jack) November 23, 2016

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