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5 Important Things The New Whatsapp Could Do

Posted: 07 December, 2016 at 01:55 pm

One of the world's largest messaging app,Whatsapp has added new features which will help improve standards,here are five latest features that you can try out in the new WhatsApp:

1. Video calling WhatsApp just confirmed that it is rolling out the video calling feature across Android, iOS and Windows. You will now be able to see 'Video Call' and 'Voice Call' choices when you tap the top dialler B.utton. A new dialog giving the option between a standard voice call and a video call will appear.

2. GIFs The messaging app has rolled out support for GIFs support for iOS users with the latest version of the app. The 2.16.16 update allows you to send videos (six seconds or shorter) and Live Photos and GIFs. You can search the Giphy library to search for GIFs to send to your friends on your WhatsApp.

3. Tag You can now tag others in the contacts within a WhatsApp group. You will be able to do the tag even if the people have muted the conversation. You can avail this feature by typing @ and clickon the contact you wish to tag from theappearing list.

4. Picture edit In the new update of WhatsApp, you can doodle on as well as edit on the photos before sending them to your friends.When the conversation tab is opened,you can tap on the camera B.utton and click on the image from the camera. You will get a few icons on the top right, and you can choose to either crop the photo, draw a doodle, enter a text or a sticker to the photo. Then the picture message is ready to be sent.

5. Most viewed There is an interesting feature in WhatsApp, although sadly it is only available to Apple devices as of now. Android owners may have to wait for a while. If you have iOS, you can go to 'Settings' and then select 'Account' and then 'Storage Usage'. There, you will be able to see the total number of messages at the top of the page and also a list of chats, which are rankedaccording to the number of messages sent to the number. This helps you see who is your 'best friend', as in, to which contact have you spoken the maximum number of lines. Credits: Punch

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