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12 children rescued from pastor's illegal orphanage

Posted: 08 December, 2016 at 09:10 am
12 children rescued from pastors illegal orphanage
12 Children Rescued From Pastors Illegal Orphanage Photo 1

The founder a church known as Voice of Salvation Charitable Organization,Pastor Onoyngu Chibuike has been arrested by the Lagos State Police for allegedly running an unlawful orphanage.

The church founder,Chibuike was arrested for not registering the twelve orphanage children caught with him with the government.

The issue was revealed when one of the children was ill and had to be taken to the hospital.

It was made known that the orphans were rescued and raided by the members of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

The pastor who claimed to have registered the institution at the

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), said he received a message from God to start the orphanage.

He said:

“I am from Anambra State. I am called by God to render this service to humanity by helping the less privileged, such as widows, motherless children and homeless people.

“I provide adequate care for these children till their parents can take over their care. For those that were abandoned, I train them even up to university level.

“The children were acquired through different means. Some of them were brought to me by the police, some were brought by their biological mothers; in some instances, they claimed they had the children out of wedlock and they cannot attend to the needs of the children or shoulder their responsibilities.

“Based on this, the person will put down his or her name and we will accept the child in order to assist the child.

“Our affection is on children because we know that if we reject any child, chances are that the children are exposed to the wrong sides of life and might die in the process."

The Commissioner for Youth and Social Development,Uzamat Akinbile Yussuf stated that the pastor will be punished for the crime.

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