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‘My husband has not slept with me for two years’ - Sonia cries out

Posted: 08 December, 2016 at 12:07 pm
‘My husband has not slept with me for two years’ - Sonia cries out
‘My Husband Has Not Slept With Me For Two Years’ - Sonia Cries Out Photo 1

A 34-year-old frustrated woman identified as sonia who have been married for eight years has decided to to do something to help myself even if it means committing adultery after her husband Benjamin has refused to sleep with her for two-years.

She narrated the story,she said:

My name is Sonia, a 34-year-old frustrated woman. I have been married for eight years now but in the past two years, I have been so sad that I have decided to do something to help myself even if it means committing adultery. »

You would not believe that in that last two years, my husband, Benjamin, has not slept with me and anytime I complain, he would tell me that sex is not food and if I cannot stay without it, I could leave his house.

The problem started when my husband got a huge contract that took him out of the state and country often.

Most men make the mistake that their wives do not know when they start having affairs but the wife is the first to know, so immediately Ben started keeping several mistresses, I knew about it but I was not worried initially.

But when I became worried was when he came back from Abuja where he had been for three months and I expected we were going to make love all night like we used to do whenever he came back from a journey.

But when I tried to get him aroused in the night, my husband told me he was very tired and not in the mood for sex.

This continued for over a week and when I complained, he told me he was not interested in sex as he had so many things on his mind.

Every time he comes home, it would seem as if he was in a prison and could not wait to jet out again. I began to discreetly check out his phones, email and text messages and it was very glaring that he had so many ladies he was sleeping with in different places.

When I could no longer cope with the humiliation, I confronted him and it led to a very big quarrel and he even beat me up and vowed never to sleep with me again since I had the effrontery to challenge him as the man.

And it has been so in the past two years as all efforts to get him to change his mind has remained futile. I have reported to his family members, his friends, and even our pastor but Ben has refused to change.

My last resort is to get myself a sex partner instead of continuing to suffer this disgrace. Or what do you think?

Dear readers, after reading Sonia's story on 9jaspot today, we want you to advise her on what to do in this sort of situation.

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Recent Replies (4)

Just continue in prayers.. exodus 3, psalm 35, 102. 70. and 23. it is well with in Jesus Name. Amen - promisejamescornerstone2015@gmail.com
Your husband needs help. so text me your GSM number. There is food supplement I know from excel lifestyle support to help your husband have interest in sex. Thanks - wellingtonnewton@yahoo.com
Even though you look for sex partner, He would never be your husband, bare in mind you hv not do such thing and yet, you are not getting what you want, doing this would make everything worse. Pray to God to see you through this. - mike.adeola11@gmail.com
Olumorokun Isreal
I love anything that has to do with web,internet an so on......


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