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Simi Responds To Critics Over Her Fashion

Posted: 08 December, 2016 at 09:20 pm
Simi Responds To Critics Over Her Fashion
Simi Responds To Critics Over Her Fashion Photo 1

Popular entertaining singer,Simi in an interview with The Cover Magazine, was asked what her weirdest fashion moment was.

She responded “I think the outfit that has had the weirdest comments was this absolutely beautiful dress- it's green and yellow and it was like a halter and then it had this chain thing hanging. But then when I took a picture, it didn't photograph as nice as the dress was. But I guess maybe I didn't know at the time and I posted it and then people were like 'why does this look weird'.

The thing is it's very hard to get to me especially when I know something is not true because I knew how beautiful the dress was. People that were around me they were like 'what are they talking about? I swear that dress was nice' I will say that one was the one that got the weirdest comments; people said it looked like I was going for cultural dance,” she said,

She also describe her personal style to the magazine Simi said, “I'm very very laid back and I can be kind of a tom boy, like a girlish type tom boy. I like sneakers and jeans, crop tops. I like to play dress up sometimes, I think its fun. But my general life, I like to be comfortable like wearing shorts, I like shorts.

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