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CAN Rejects Bills For Christian Courts In Nigeria

CAN Rejects  Bills For Christian Courts In Nigeria
A proposed bill has been disallowed by CAN (Christian Association of Nigerian) seeking to set up Christian Courts in Nigeria.

The Public Relations Officer of the CAN, Rev. John Hayah said that the proposed bill might bring religious crisis among Christian and Muslim.

But concerning the Christian Court Bill, the Public Officer advices the legislator to make laws that will unite the Nigerians Christians than setting up a Court that will scatter or divide them.

Rev. Hayah explained that “This Christian Courts Bill cannot help us, that is why we are voicing it out.

“This thing is not really what Nigerians want now”

He make it known that all region has the right to worship in Nigerian Constitution, saying the traditional religion worshipers were entitled to worship at their enshrined while Christian in the Church and also Muslim in the Mosque.

He said that “what if they wake up tomorrow and demand that there must be court for the 'pagans?'” what will you do or say.

The CAN board withdraw the plan and said there will not be any Christians Court in the country.

The Christian and Muslim followers have clashed in about few months ago in the North side of Nigerian, while if any Christian court was set up in the country, that means a Muslim court will also be demand.

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