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My husband has a wife and two children without my consent- chioma said

Posted: 14 December, 2016 at 04:18 pm

A 32-year-old lady identified as chioma is now facing reality after she was pressurized by her family to get married to one Ugochukwu who is based in Austria without knowing that he already has a wife with two children there residing with him.

But Ugo keeps telling chioma that she should wait for him to divorce his wife so that he could send for her and it is now three years since they got married.

The story reads:

“My name is Chioma, a 32-year-old lady who is very mad now. The source of my anger stems from the fact that I just found out that my husband who is based in Austria, is already married to a white woman with two children.

I met Ugochukwu three years ago when he came home for the Christmas and told his parents that he needed a wife from the village.

It was the norm for men from our community based abroad to come home looking for a wife and at such times, parents did everything to convince their daughters to get married to such men so they would have in-laws based in Europe.

Most of our parents would not mind what the man does if he is based outside the country and if one refused to get married, they would see you as the black sheep of the family who does not want any good thing to come their way.

Though I did not have any serious relationship at the time, I was not too keen on getting married to a man I barely knew but my parents insisted I must marry Ugochukwu who was very serious about marrying me.

In the end, I accepted out of respect for my parents and the fact that at the age I was at then, most of my mates were married and my parents used this as one of their bargaining chip.

In the end, we had our traditional marriage with the idea that Ugo would come back in six months' time for the white wedding and I would join him afterward.

But this was not to be as Ugo did not come home that year until another December and gave so many sob stories about how the government of Austria was making things difficult to foreigners and how he was planning to move to a friendlier country so I could join him.

We had our white wedding and another year of waiting started all over again with Ugo giving one excuse or the other. Both my parents and his kept telling me to endure, that everything would soon be alright.

But the bubble burst when one of our town's man came home from Austria and while chatting, he told me the reason Ugo found it difficult to send for me was that his Austrian wife had refused to give him a divorce.

I was shocked at the revelation and called Ugochukwu and he confessed that he had a wife and two kids. He said he got married to her to get his stay permit but had planned to get a divorce but the woman had refused to give him.

When I told my parents about the development, they told me to believe him and wait for the divorce but from the look of things, Ugo is not in a hurry to divorce the woman and even if he does, I am not sure I would want to stay married to a man who hid the truth about his marriage to me.

What if he does the same to me in future? I am really confused.

Dear reader on 9jaspot today we want you to advice chioma on what to do in a situation like this were she found her self.

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Olumorokun Isreal
I love anything that has to do with web,internet an so on......


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