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Google keyboard changed to Gboard to improve typing

Posted: 17 December, 2016 at 07:16 am

Google keyboard has been officially changed to Gboard with new updated amazing features that will improve your typing skills in every of your daily basis. However, this update was only available for iOS users which the date for Android update was not reveal but google has now officially released the Android version with new amazing features.

Features Of New Google Updated Gboard

-So Many emojis has been added and you can now search them.

-You can now change keyboard themes even to your own photos

-You can now search Gif (animated images) if is supported in the app.

-New 36 languages has been added.

-While typing, you can automatically switch between your enabled languages.

-Predictive search has been added, which will give you search suggestions based on what you type.

-You can now search Google and share right from your keyboard. Streaming autocorrect has also been added, which will autocorrect every of your last two words based on context. It has default number row. And many others..

How to activate this feature on your iOS or Android keyboard

Firstly, update your Google keyboard (Gboard) by clicking here Then launch it and go to Settings>>Language and inputs and under Keyboards and inputs method kindly choose Gboard. Then go back and start using it whenever you are typing.

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