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Facts: Why Christmas should not be celebrated!

Posted: 23 December, 2016 at 08:00 am
Facts: Why Christmas should not be celebrated!
Facts: Why Christmas Should Not Be Celebrated! Photo 1

'Christmas' is a popular holiday fastly becoming an immerged part of modern culture that even people in nations with little or no Christian history or tradition observe it, is celebrated by some 2 billion people worldwide.

Christmas is so big that it plays a key role in the economies of many nations.In Nigeria this is the biggest time for sales. Marketers operating at a loss all year suddenly see their sales shoot up so fast due to its Christmas sales.

Christmas is very very big in such that (in the Nigerian scene) schools and colleges commonly take a week or longer break at this time,Families even perhaps for the first in the year kill thier favourite of animal,so that you hardly visit a neighbour without noticing so fries and left-overs.

And it's not surprising that I get some pretty shocked looks when I tell people I don't celebrate Christmas.

Questions like;Why wouldanyonenot want to celebrate Christmas like nearly everybody else?,So what's up with this?,Are there valid reasons for not participating in the holiday ?

Below are my 7 factual reasons why i don't participate in the christmas celebration

1. Christmas is nowhere found or mentioned in the Bible.Most self-professed bible scholars around Nigeria never give this a second thought.The books of the New Testament which covers 30+ years of Jesus Christ's life, then another 30+ years of the early Church following His death and resurrection, but nowhere do we find any hint of a Christmas celebration or anything remotely like it or any hint that God the Father or Jesus Christ expects us to do so.

2. Jesus wasn't born on or near December 25.Luke 2:8 tells us about those sherpherd watching over thier flocks in the open.December weather around Bethlehem is often miserably cold, wet and rainy.

No shepherd in his right mind would have kept his flocks outside at night at that time of year!.

Also,Luke 2:1-4tells us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem because his parents came to that town to register in a Roman census.It would have made no sense to have conducted a census in the dead of winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and traveling was difficult due to poor road conditions. Taking a census under such conditions would have been self-defeating!

3.Christmas is commercially driven.It's not that difficult to recognize what really drives the holiday in our age.

Cal Thomas, an American columnist regularly writes from a Christian perspective, December 2003 column acknowledged uncomfortable truths about Christmas.

“I'm not sure it's worth keeping Christmas anymore,”he began, lamenting that the holiday has become a “road show of reindeer, winter scenes, elves and the God substitute, Santa Claus, who serves as a front for merchants seeking to play on the guilt some parents bear for ignoring their kids the rest of the year.”

He asked a great question: “Why participate any longer in this charade where the focal point of worship has shifted from a babe in a manger to a babe in the Victoria's Secret window? . . . No room in the inn has been replaced by no room in the mall parking lot.”4.Christmas is a redefined pagan celebration.Consider the customs associated with Christmas. What do decorated evergreen trees, mistletoe, roses, plump man in a fur-lined red suit, and flying reindeer have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ?

None of these things have anything to do with Him, but with ancient pagan festivals.Read it for yourself in just any encyclopedia to confirm the history of christmas.

5. God condemns using pagan customs to worship HimSince Christmas is not a day to worship and celebrate God the Father and Jesus Christ, wouldn't it be a sin to worship God on that day?Read Deuteronomy 12:30-32

6. Christmas is worshipping God in vain

Since Christmas is a variety of ancient pagan customs invented by men, and a holiday found nowhere in the Bible, does God honor or accept such worship?Read mark 7:6-9

7.Total deviation from the doctrine of christJesus didn't allow His followers the option of adopting pagan practices in their worship.

He and the apostles plainly kept God's Holy Days and festivals

They kept the Passover (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

The Scripture shows they also observed the Days of Unleavened Bread (Acts 20:6;1 Corinthians 5:7-8). And much more but no 'Chrismas'

From the above you could see that old paganism and commercialism of Christmas is truly alike.Why not look into them for yourself?

I've clearly given my reasons for not celebrating 'Chrismas', What do you suppose God thinks of your reasons for continuing to observe it?

Having said good-bye to the Christmas habit several years ago, I couldn't have said it better!

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Recent Replies (8)

senseless reasons, sights - take time
Stop influencing others with your believe. - Rose Ekiko
Stop influencing others with your believe. - Rose Ekiko
This isn't the first time of hearing this! But the truth is bitter. People are not ready to seek out for source of the christmas. Their own point is ''people have been celebrating it for long and they see no harm in its celebration'' - Azeez.wahab10@yahoo.com
ogadey u are wasting post here and there nobody will answer christmas is.forever - pure
'Christmas' wasn't a prophesy from God and i don't see any reason it should be celebrated - Drealup@naij.com
A prophecy from God can be fulfilled in anyways, that is why God is mysterious. The fact that December falls to winter season does not stop the work of God. He does it in his ways. In fact the should even stand as a reason to praise his name for always fulfilling his promises under any circumstances, he is God. - info@feedtonic.com
I agree,,,,,,,,, dont condemn ppl celebrating, allow God d judgement i will not make it a big deal dis is d advice for xtians - Samedobor2@gmail.com
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