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Players lured only by Money to the Chinese Super League - Klopp

Posted: 24 December, 2016 at 10:13 am
Players lured only by Money to the Chinese Super League - Klopp
Players Lured Only By Money To The Chinese Super League - Klopp Photo 1

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has questioned the logic behind transfers to the Chinese Super League claiming players after the money there aren't stars and ruled out a move to China at some point in the future.

Klopp believes the money Chinese Super League clubs are spending is of no threat to the Premier League quite yet, but conceded that the lure of the money in China is now another "opportunity" for footballers.

"You know that a few clubs in the rest of Europe think similar things about England!" Klopp told a news conference on Friday afternoon.

"The money in England could bring the best players to England.

"What can I say? In most parts of the world, it's a free world and we can make our own decisions. If a player decides to go there [China], usually it's in another part of your career.

"I think in this moment it's not a league where you actually want to play, but the only way to bring the players there is the money.

"If a player decides for himself then you have no real weapons to hold him here. That's how it is. I think in nearly all big European leagues, you can earn a lot of money and it should be enough at the end, especially for the top players.

"But I have no idea why people make decisions like this. For me, it's no option because I work a lot but I have kind of a private life and I like to have a surrounding which I'm kind of used to.

"I'm a very open person and maybe for a holiday I would [go there], but for me it's absolutely no option to go to China.

"How I said, [it is] individuals making different decisions and I don't know if we should say it's kind of a danger or whatever, but it's another opportunity for players and hopefully they can be happy there and everything is good.

"I think all generations following Oscar's family are happy about this decision! No money worries anymore."

Klopp said that Liverpool "miss" Stoke City's Joe Allen as the midfielder looks set to return to Anfield on Tuesday for Stoke's game against the Reds

"Do we miss Joe Allen? Yes," the Reds boss added. "Nice guy, unbelievably strong player.

"It was kind of a common decision. We had clear conversations and it was about what I can kind of guarantee, not that Joe asked me: 'how many games will I make?' or something like this.

"But it was clear after the last one or two years being not a fixed-line up player all the time -- and injuries were sometimes the reason of that.

"We all knew about his quality and when you see him playing now it's always a little bit like: 'Oh...'. "We are really happy for him that he scores that many goals and he has this big impact on the game at Stoke. That's how it is in life, you cannot have everything. We couldn't have everything."

The Times reported on Thursday that Liverpool were considering joining Paris Saint-Germain in the hunt to sign the Germany international but he said nothing about that.

"That's the same answer how I give always: No comments on transfers, names or something like this. Nothing to say about this." he said.

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