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Sarah Palin: President Trump Should ‘Call For The Unshackling Of The Political Bands Tying Us To The UN’

Posted: 04 January, 2017 at 08:55 am

“I think many of us have called for America to really step up and consider what it is that we are funding and supporting via the UN, and how it works so hard really against U.S. interests, and just saying – look what the U.K. just did,” Palin said, referring to the Brexit vote.

“This is such an encouraging time, where it's not just us, but those across the pond, too, are understanding that their nation's sovereignty and security are on the line here, with the ties that bind us to

interests that really don't further our agendas,” she declared. “So when the U.K. made its move, it was just another reason to call yet again for the U.S. to get the heck out of the UN and get the UN out of the U.S. Let's get going on putting America first so that we can sweep our own porch before telling other nations how to sweep theirs,” she advised. Palin said it was unnecessary for the United States to import the dysfunctional bureaucracy of the United Nations since homegrown bureaucracy is already doing

such a good job of messing up American life. “They can spy from anywhere, so they don't need to be right underfoot, the UN, for us to spy on them. We'll know what they're doing,” she jovially assured Kassam. “Unfortunately, the UN's presence even, in the U.S. – all that has done is said to people like John Kerry and his desire to essentially cave to other countries, he essentially is inviting other countries to exercise veto power over us, over U.S. national security measures,”

Palin continued on a more serious note. “He said during a debate some years ago, he said that our security measures must pass a 'global test.' So the presence of the UN here, unfortunately, just creates more fertile ground for leftist globalists like John Kerry to grow in their desire to make the U.S. continue to fund the lion's share of this globalist circus – where bad players, including dictators, they're going to keep griping, and

complaining, and whining, and attacking us for not bending over backwards enough for their liking. Unfortunately, that's what the UN presence here has been doing,” she said. “What does it say about the United States in 2016, at the tail end of 2016, that you have an administration not just willing to stab one of its most important global allies, Israel, in the front, but is being led, supposedly – listen, I'm going by what they're saying; they said they didn't lead, so they have to have been led – by countries like Venezuela?” Kassam asked.

“That's a great point,” Palin replied. “I don't think people have been understanding that – that either our leaders, unfortunately, are caught lying in regards to orchestrating this non-supportive measure – to say the least – of Israel, or yeah, we've been led by bad characters that certainly do not have America's nor Israel's interests at heart.

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