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Minister Calls For Reduction Of Food Importation

Posted: 05 January, 2017 at 07:03 am
Minister Calls For Reduction Of Food Importation
Minister Calls For Reduction Of Food Importation Photo 1

Recently, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Honourable Minister of Science and Technology request for the lessening of food importation in Nigerian.

According to report, Dr. Ogbonnaya declared this at the 38th yearly meeting of the ACEN (Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria) group, while claiming that his aimed was to correct the past mistake which was made, saying that only science and technology can completely stop regrettable trend in the country.

During the meeting, Dr. Onu disclosed his opinion saying importing rice, palm oil and cotton from other country cannot help Nigerian to develop.

He said “Nigeria cannot continue to depend on foreign expertise for national development. It is only Nigerians that can best develop the country,”

Dr. Onu also explained that the country cannot depend only on what science is doing to ensure that there is sufficient food in the country.

Onu said: “Things like these do not happen overnight. Agriculture is at least 90 per cent science and technology. In some countries, it is as high as 95 per cent.

The reason we have not been doing well in agriculture is that we have not deployed science and technology as we should. Many Nigerians forget there was a time we used to export rice,”

The Minister disclosed that Minister of Science and Technology would work together with other stakeholders on this year plan to make sure that the country benefits a lot from Science and Technology.

Dr. Ogbonnaya stated: “Science and Tech is important in the creation of wealth. We will not rest until we have strengthened our indigenous capacity to become an important capacity in economic renewal.

Mistakes made in the past need to be corrected urgently. The situation today is that we need foreign engineers to do our jobs. This should change. We should not cintinue to repeat avoidable mistakes,”

The Minister called for Nigerians support, while also praised the ACEN group for their contribution to the country building.

He noted “We need the support of all Nigerians and the expertise, skills and talents of the ACEN to help in executing our goals. We should not continue to make affordable mistakes,”

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