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Senate to probe Emirates Airlines for employing only 10 Nigerians

Posted: 07 January, 2017 at 07:46 am
Senate to probe Emirates Airlines for employing only 10 Nigerians
Senate To Probe Emirates Airlines For Employing Only 10 Nigerians Photo 1

Senate President Bukola Saraki has expressed regret why a foreign airliner operating in the country employed only 10 Nigerians revealing that the upper house of legislature will investigate

On his twitter handle, the Senate president says it is unfair of Emirates Airlines to employ just 10 Nigerians when elsewhere it employs more.

“Today, I learnt that there are only 10 Nigerians employed in the entire Emirates Airlines workforce that operates in our country.

“I gathered that in countries like Kenya, Emirates Airlines employs close to 1000 Kenyans in their workforce.

"Considering the size of Nigeria and its market -- I would have expected more. Foreign airlines and companies need to hire more Nigerians.

"I am sure that at the time Emirates Airlines started their route, we did not get a good deal for our people. It is time to look into this.”Senate to probe Emirates Airlines for employing only 10 Nigerians

“The Senate will work to ensure that foreign entities operating in the country hire more Nigerians. This is important for our domestic growth

“I wish the Senate Aviation Committee Chairman a speedy recovery. Once he's back there is work to do to address this airline employment issue “It is important to address why only 10 Nigerian air host/hostesses work for Emirates. Companies operating in Nigeria must employ Nigerians.

“I encourage everyone out there with information that can help better the plight of Nigerians to let us know.”

Saraki also noted that not only Emirates will get probed over this, so would other foreign companies operating in Nigeria and are not employing enough Nigerians.

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