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OPINION: Reasons Why You Should Never Chat With Extremely Pretty Girls On Social Media

Posted: 10 January, 2017 at 09:05 pm
OPINION: Reasons Why You Should Never  Chat With Extremely Pretty Girls On Social Media
OPINION: Reasons Why You Should Never Chat With Extremely Pretty Girls On Social Media Photo 1

I go by the name, Danladi Afusa. If you're a guy reading this then lets join hands and make this possible. (Lol)

See reasons why we should stop chatting with petty girls online.

1. They Are Party Oriented:

Most pretty ladies are mainly on social media to gossip about the latest gist in town and to know 'where the party at.' If you're the kind of guy like me, who would have nothing to do with 'club girls', then you should start thinking twice when about to text some of these overly pretty babes. Those chenkes aint loyal at all.

2. Arrogance:

OPINION: Reasons Why You Should Never  Chat With Extremely Pretty Girls On Social Media

As it were; pretty babes get too much attention from the opposit sex online. Some of them probably have their message box filled up. Some always getting unsolicited marriage proposals online, and so initiating a chat will make them see you as another nuisance in their lives, especially when in the end it turns out you're not their taste.

If you share thesame sentiment like me, Danlandi, who feels that guys should start ignoring these pretty ladies until they grow some manners, then it's necessary you stop initiating any form of online conversation with them. Atleast when they get bored, they'll drop their 'yanga' and start appreciating the attention we give to them. (Who is with me on this?)

3. Poor in chatting: Owing the many unanswered chats they have on their socail media, Extremely pretty ladies tend to be a major turn off in their chats. They respond poorly to discussions and are always quick to give you the all-dreaded 'k' response.

Imagine chatting with a naija babe and she's doing as if na me force her to register her account on social media. For f*ck sake it's called SOCIAL MEDIA for a reason! If you're not ready to chat, why not log out!!

(Na this one pain me pass, chai)

4. Not suitable For marriage:

These pretty girls are used to the 'jaiye jaiye' life. Expecailly the extremely pretty ones whose belief is that guys are supposed to 'kiss their feets' in all things. (I dedicate that Mr Easi song to them)

This is the sort of babe you send 'hello' to, and the time you'll get your 'hi' reply will be in two days time.

What need will it be for me to waste my precious time and expensive data (for this NCC data hike period), chatting with a girl that I know wouldn't be of any importance to my life, not even marriage? Well unless you're one of those nerds who would do anything to get ladies' attention.

As for Danlandi, i nor do!

5. Small Shape:

Pretty girls many a times, lacks that 'toolz' kind of shape.

Their only selling point is just their face; so even if you planned on having a one night stand with them, what exactly are you going to 'press'?

Na face baddest baddo go chop? who it epp?

6. They Never Say Hello:

I know many of my fellow goonz in the game would testify to this fact. Another sad truth is that they're aware that you're online oh, but they would never be the first to say hello.

Chai, this wickedness must stop!

7. They Dont Care About Courtesy:

Omo na so I dey chat with one babe some time ago, she just went offline without even informing me about her being absent. I waited for several hours with no response from her, and the next reply I got after my endless messages asking ''are you there?'' was 'KKK'

As in wetin consign 'Are You There' with 'KKK'? mtcheeew, na wa o. Pretty girls believe they're doing you a favour in chatting with you.

(let's port to the ugly ones biko)

8. They Use Short Hand:

I can divorce even my own wife because of this thing. So annoying.

You will ask them, 'how are you?' and they'll reply with; "am 5n".

I'm like why cant they just type out the words in full??? gooossshh!

9. Intentional Snubs:

OPINION: Reasons Why You Should Never  Chat With Extremely Pretty Girls On Social Media

Imagine if you inboxed a babe and she went through your profile only to discover you're 'one broke guy', my guy you don enter 'unreply zone' be that oh. She go snub you ehn! However, an average looking girl wouldn't mind getting to know you better. She would be very friendly because it's in their nature to be like that.

Well this is just my opinion though and I would love some of my fellow 'badt guys' reading this to validate these claims as true or not. I think we all have to shift attention from these so called pretty ladies to the not-so-pretty ones. Let's make these other pretty girls to realise their injustice. My name is Danlandi.

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Lol. Danladi is on his own on this one.... - Osinbajor Emma Nora
Abeg Carry Go,Danladi.Just Dat U're Outrageous And Corrupt in the name of `badt' guy.NA WA O. - dammstars@yahoo.com
Abeg Carry Go,Danladi.Just Dat U're Outrageous And Corrupt in the name of `badt' guy.NA WA O. - dammstars@yahoo.com
Abeg Carry Go,Danladi.Just Dat U're Outrageous And Corrupt in the name of `badt' guy.NA WA O. - dammstars@yahoo.com
lol - mrZul
LWKMD.... no5 is so true. - icherish
u nor go kill person - Yayr
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