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7 things you don't know about Women.

Posted: 11 January, 2017 at 08:11 am
7 things you dont know about Women.
7 Things You Dont Know About Women. Photo 1

There are a few things I've noticed about women and I want to share with you guys so that you may be better positioned to relate with the women in your life. Think you know so much about women already? Continue reading, you'll thank me later.

1. Most women want money more than they want love: It's true that nothing is perfect without money but these days women seem to have taken it too far - some will settle them with a man way older their own father provided he is rich or powerful. Look around you – have you seen any lady marry a man as old as 50 years or more except he's affluent and highly influential. Young men now find it hard to get a beautiful lady while older men are able to amass as many young and beautiful ladies as they want as long as they are super rich and connected.

2. To be accepted two things are involved: Without doubt , I have noticed that women take two thing into consideration mainly before saying yes to a man - money first and looks second. If you're neither rich nor handsome, your chances of getting a yes in many proposals may be very slim. If you're not good looking you may consider doubling your hustle, because women have different tastes - some will go for the money while others may yet go for the looks.

3. You don't have to die for a woman: Are you the type who believes in dying for love and a woman precisely? You might be making a huge mistake, once you're gone it will probably only take a few months for her to start fresh life with your friend or an old boyfriend. The key is everything has a limit, try not to go beyond it.

4. Don't idolize any girl at the beginning: Women tend to appear as angels at the beginning of a relationship. However, when she gets what she wants you may see the other side of her which may be may unpleasant than you can bear. That is why it is important to tread carefully, you can't know for sure if your dream girl is an Angel yet, so that idolize her yet – just observe well.

5. Don't take women for granted: Never take a woman for granted because she can do unimaginable things when you push her too far especially when they're cheated on. There's hardly anything that a woman hates more than you cheating on her, so respect a woman and she'll reciprocate in ten folds.

6. Women are able to love unreservedly. To this end, women fare better than men. If you're able to play your cards well and win the heart of a woman, she's able to give him everything and do anything, this is hardly true of men, who are hardly able to love with all of their heart.

7. Don't compare your woman with other women: Women are very easily jealous and hate it when you compare them with any other woman. Always show her that she is the best of all women – you'll be appreciated in kind. Finally treat them well and they will return the favor multiple times in so many ways.

You think there's more to understanding a woman that's not included here? Share with us below

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Recent Replies (6)

its interesting, but know that there are women who cheat than we men, and they will still want their men not to cheat on them.... wickedness - take time
Now i know,all these things, thanks for sharing - Ali james onyekachi
This is interesting,though there are typing errors. - amisbahu04@gmail.com
I didn't want to comment for the first time but when I read through the writeup, the grammatical errors in it made it appear like a comedy - danjumaezekiel@naij.com
I have dating my girl for over 5 years and I never knew these. Anyways,thanks for this cogent information. Daniel Munachimso - danielnwimo@gmail.com
Too many grammatical error in your essay, sir. The expression 'women is' is wrong.... Rather, 'women are'. Na wo o - NKO
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