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Bloggers smartphone writer - wps office

Posted: 12 January, 2017 at 09:07 pm
Bloggers smartphone writer - wps office
Bloggers Smartphone Writer - Wps Office Photo 1

An app every smartphone blogger should have

WPS Office is a three programs rolled into one app: Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation (WPS).

But here you don't need to download individual apps for each content, like you do with Microsoft Office or Google's offerings. Instead, WPS Office opens the correct tool for the job when you open a file.

WPS Office's Android tablet app was recently updated with a clean, Material-based design and simplified layout. The tablet and phone versions have different looks and layouts.

Bloggers smartphone writer - wps office

The design is a lot like Microsoft Office, with a color toolbar at the top for all of your editing options.

There are tabs for different tools, including File, Insert and View, at the top of the screen and if you're familiar with most office programs, you'll find your way around with ease.

WPS Office has full compatibility with Microsoft and Google Docs file types, like DOCX or GSHEET, and the app just recently added Dropbox integration, so you can view and edit files stored in that account. You can also connect other cloud storage accounts, including Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and Evernote.

Bloggers smartphone writer - wps office

(wps for tablets)

WPS Office's homepage helps you create new files.

The main screen of the app shows your recently opened files and a left-side menu bar. Slide out that menu bar by swiping right to create a new text document, spreadsheet or presentation or to open files on your device.

Also part of that menu bar is the File Tabs section, which lets you jump around to your open files. It's a handy feature that lets you keep multiple files open at once and easy switch between them. When you close a file, it will disappear from that list.

You'll use your fingers to pinch to zoom, select text and move around pictures. You can also use your finger with the pen tool to draw and highlight.

Dragging across the screen to change margins, resize photos or selecting cells in a spreadsheet feels very fluid and easy, never frustrating.

WPS Office has all of the familiar features you'll find in many office suites, helping you create new documents or make edits from your phone or tablet. Beyond the typical tools, like adjusting font size and style, adding slides to a presentations and creating formulas in Spreadsheets, WPD Office several advanced features too.

Download on Google play store

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how can I post a picture with words that will appear as a link? the link bloggers do share and when you click on it, you can read the complete information... especially in Facebook - take time
Hmm, nice one.... Kudos - info@feedtonic.com
Hmm, nice one.... Kudos - info@feedtonic.com
Hmm, nice one.... Kudos - info@feedtonic.com
Hmm, nice one.... Kudos - info@feedtonic.com
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