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MMM: SEC gives STERN warning to Nigerians against the use of bitcoin

Posted: 13 January, 2017 at 10:29 pm
MMM: SEC gives STERN warning to Nigerians against the use of bitcoin
MMM: SEC Gives STERN Warning To Nigerians Against The Use Of Bitcoin Photo 1

Following news of the new mode of payment for those participating in the Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has given stern warning to the general public against investing in crypto currencies, such as Swisscoin, OneCoin, Bitcoin

The SEC in a statement on its website said;

“The public should also be aware that any investment opportunities promoted by these persons, companies or entities are likely to be of a risky nature with a high risk of loss of money, while others may be outright fraudulent pyramid schemes,”

“Given that these instruments and the persons, companies or entities that promote them have neither been authorised, nor any guidelines/regulations developed for them by any of the regulatory authorities in Nigeria, there is no protection available to users or investors in these virtual currencies from financial losses if the virtual currencies fail or the companies promoting them go out of business.

“The public and consumers of financial services are further advised that before making any investment or entering into any financial services transaction they should ascertain that the entity with whom the investment or transaction is being made is authorised by the commission or other financial services regulatory authority as applicable to provide such services.”

SEC said fraudsters carried out their illegitimate business via Nigeria.mmm.netportal/platform

“Please note that anyone that subscribes to this illegal activity does so at their own risk”

However, a guider, Odhelee, in a Facebook post,urged mavros to calm down and await their money;

Dear Mavrodians,

It has come to my notice that participants have been perturbed lately concerning uncertain information flying around especially *change of currency, email and phone confirmation.*

These information are unverifiable and lacks foundation

1. Your PO has been adjusted to allow you change or correct your phone number without being placed on moratorium. All phone numbers can be changed (confirmed or unconfirmed). You are only required to ensure your PO *phone number is correct* and reachable. *Phone and email showing confirmed is not a requirement for PH and GH and will not affect your PH or GH in any way.

2. Changing your currency is not a compulsory option. You can PH in bitcoin or Naira irrespective of the currency of your PO until mavro-btc is implemented. The naira and btc currency have been on your settings for almost 2weeks now so why the sudden rush now as if your life depends on it.

Recall that the Mavrodi Mondial Movement, otherwise known as MMM had last week introduced Bitcoin, said to be the world's best performing currency in 2016, as part of its mode of payment.

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