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Governor Warns Nigerians Over Taking Laws Into Hands

Posted: 14 January, 2017 at 07:42 am
Governor Warns Nigerians Over Taking Laws Into Hands
Governor Warns Nigerians Over Taking Laws Into Hands Photo 1

Following a clashed of Fulani and residents in Niger State, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, the Governor of the state caution his residents in the state to not act on their own to solve any misunderstanding.

Governor Bello said people must have tolerant in order to sustain peace in the community, saying they must avoid conflict among themselves.

This was declared when speaking at the Garatu ward in Yadna Village of Bosso Local government area of the state on Thursday.

When speaking over the misunderstanding among residents and Fulani, the Governor declared that further investigation will be conduct, saying that people find guilt of the incident will be punished.

He also explained the reason why peace should reign in the community, urging people to reports any incident to the state authority and withdraw from the act of taking laws into their hands.

Governor Bello stated: “It is unfortunate that people are taking laws into their hands, this community in the last 2 days has been misled by rumour and speculations.

“I am here personally to see the true situations of event, we are on top of the situation, and we are collaborating with security agencies to ensure that such incident does not occur again”.

He furhter stated that:“We will not tolerate this any longer, but for those who took laws into their hands, whether they are Gbagyis or Fulanis, I have directed that appropriate steps should be taken to investigate them and those found wanting be dealt with according to law”.

“For many years the Gbagyis and Fulanis have lived together in peace. There are some bad eggs amongst us who must be identified, isolated and dealt with. We all want to enjoy peace and security but we must work for it, it's a collective responsibility”.

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