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Gospel Music Made Me Rich,Kenny Saint-Brown

Posted: 14 January, 2017 at 08:29 am
Gospel Music Made Me Rich,Kenny Saint-Brown
Gospel Music Made Me Rich,Kenny Saint-Brown Photo 1

The Nigerian rebranded Gospel musician popularly known as Kenny Saint-Brown, said gospel music turned her to what she is today.

Recently, when speaking with Showtime about some fact over her success as a musician, she mention how lucrative gospel music has turned her live for good, saying that she earns a lot in gospel music.

According to KSB statement, she was confused whether to stay on secular or gospel music, she said: “I had a concert like a month ago and it took me like 10-years to have it thought and planned out and eventually it came through. I didn't know I needed to go through some phases to come out on the other side victoriously, the concert was tagged 'KSB Live in Worship'."

She further said:” KSB If I had done it years ago it wouldn't have been worship, which connotes that I've rebranded and I'm now doing worship songs. I'm hitting the milestone age this year and so I need to consolidate the 18 or 19-years of my career and then know which way to go. I've done praise, modern, and pop gospel songs; now God has called me back to worship, deep worship, so that is the way to go for me right now”

The Nigerian Gospel musician explained the reason why she moved to Gospel music, saying not because of secular or lucrative but only divine calling to do so.

KSB declared: “I made a lot of money from it, it gave me a lot of nominations. It also gave me more visibility before I rebranded into contemporary gospel music. People knew me but they didn't know my songs, if they knew my songs maybe it was Heaven Came Down that I did with Essence.

So the name was bigger than the brand. It was the songs I later did that got known; I made gospel music to be played beyond Sunday mornings and I made gospel music to be fun and for younger people to know that they can do gospel music, that, the world can embrace it. I've been consistent and believe me, I made money.”

After switching into Gospel music about some year back, the Nigerian Musician became popularly in Nigeria and now testifying that she earns a lot in Gospel music than previous music.

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