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OPINION: Political Office Holders Should Go Through Mental Checks

Posted: 14 January, 2017 at 10:12 am
OPINION: Political Office Holders Should Go Through Mental Checks
OPINION: Political Office Holders Should Go Through Mental Checks Photo 1
OPINION: Political Office Holders Should Go Through Mental Checks
OPINION: Political Office Holders Should Go Through Mental Checks Photo 2

In a country like ours, Nigeria, where all sort of mental illness tendencies are displayed by political office holders, it becomes imperative to mount pressure on the legislative for them to enact some laws which should compel these bunch of lunatics to undergo mental health diagnosis so as to restrict reprobates and unhinged touts from getting their hands on any form of political office.

I say this with all sense of profoundness. And I'm certain you'll align with my humble proposition if you allowed me make a thorough annotation with real facts that will further commute this topic home.

It is more than apperant that the individuals incharge of our collective well being are all bats in the belfry.

[...] Starting from their violent disposition during elections, siphoning of our collective wealth, to their reckless approach in speeches. --All of which suggests the possibility of some kind of psychical disorder plaguing their metal healths.

If we juggled our memories, we would recall the incident where a political office holder, who was supposed to be a caretaker of the masses, callously looked a widowed woman in the eye and asked her to 'Go And Die'.

A wodow who begged to make hands meet.

A helpless woman whose only crime was to stand infront of the State Governor and begged for peanuts to fill her tommy. All she got from the Esteemed public figure was utter rejection and her ego trampled upon.

[...] Wouldn't there be any possibility of the author of that statement, 'Go and Die' having any mental disturbance?

Under the gravepine went the news of another State Governor who believed that the best way to pilot the affairs of his state was to walk in the streets pricing and buying plantains and groundnuts.

So much an act of shame and embarrassment even, to the extent of climbing atop a trailer tank with the claim of helping to put out fire from a burning tanker. One would wonder if such is what the populace mandated these crackpots to perform when in power.

The meniacal attitudes of our so called leaders is something that demands urgent attention.

Let's not forget the Rivers Election brouhaha. Few months back, the United States of America conducted a 'presidential election' and everything evidently went free and fair without any rumours of voilence. But can that be likened to our very own River's Re-run Election?

[...] That cesspool of bloodbath had two political parties exchanging harsh words of indictment. To the extent, a state government opened his orifice and urged the populace that 'If they shoot you, shoot them back'. This statement, if you ask me, is one which ought not to be heard from a public figure who is of a sound mind.

If these individuals aren't mentally diseased, then they must take us for a fool!

Why should we ever forget the show of shame that happened sometimes in the past, where our so called law makers were caught on camera jumping the gates to gain entrance into the National Assembly.

That solely conduct of our so called 'gentle men' in the NASS was not only embarrassing, but shown a great deal of screwball proclivity inherent in their collective traits.

Wouldn't it be in place to say that these rascals in power wouldn't be there if we insisted they shouldn't? There is a law in the constitution which demands that any person or individuals, who is diagnosed of lunacy or unsoundness of mind, should not be given any public office in the country. I believe now is the perfect time to bring that law into life, given the unprecedented display of lunacy among political office men and women of our country.

We must ensure every individual, who comes out for an election into any political office should first of all, have his/her mental state thoroughly checked.

"Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It's the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with" --Adam Ant

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Recent Replies (7)

I am really in support cos many aren't fit at all. Nice move - gloria ogbonnaya
Yes you are right cos some of the public office holders are mentally or emotionally inbalance to hold public offices. So i agree with your points, those working in the various parastatals of Government should undergo mental check up before occupying such positions. - Horsfall@gmail.com
Everything Nigeria needs to exist, develope and check corruption are already on ground. Nigeria is just sick - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
Nice one 9jaspot. The author has said it all. - Yaya Jammeh
yea.. Especially the afonja politricians... Fucking brown roof peeps - Cherish
hmm, you're right man. - info@feedtonic.com
hmm, you're right man. - info@feedtonic.com
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