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Advanced ways to boost traffics in your blog

Posted: 14 January, 2017 at 11:43 am

Before deciding to read this post,you probably know what a blog is and the importance of traffics to a blog or website.

I would go straight forward to help you out with the

advanced ways of earning traffics for free!

Create Viral Content

creating viral content is what all bloggers and webmasters aim, and majority fail in this. That's because they don't pay attention to the sites that successfully create viral posts, day in and day out.

*The first secret, which isn't really a secret, is to write great headlines . 8 out of 10 people will click to read your content, if you get the headline right.

*The second is to get the length right but a times short and to-the-point posts are awesome.

*the third is to have a killer idea that is sure to go viral.

Social media

[img2]Social media includes getting traffic from Facebook, Twitter , Google+ ,

LinkedIn, Pinterest , etc… Facebook is the best so far.Share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, Pin it.

If your content is good and beneficial, then when people see it they will LIKE and SHARE it even more. Your content MUST be good and high quality for people to want to share it.


Advanced ways to boost traffics in your blog

SEO, choosing the right keywords for your blog are very valuable to a new blog.

When you are compiling a post in WordPress or on any platform, make sure you follow standard

on-page optimization rules.

Guest blogging

Write articles for syndicates, and relevant posts as a guest blogger for some of the best blogging sites.

This is a good way to get links back to your own blog and get your name recognized as an expert in your field. It is also useful for building your unique brand as a blogger.You can guest post on Naij.com by joining Naij's blogging team

Use interactive media:

Other ways to utilize high ranking sites in order to get links back to your blog is to post videos on YouTube, or photographs on


Commenting on other people's blog

Blog Commenting not only helps with branding and traffic, but it also helps by generating backlinks. It also requires little time, and with a proper strategy, you can use it toward improved personal connections and networking.

Pay others to promote your site

Seun Osewa Wrote:

I got this interesting question in my inbox recently:

"Hey Seun,

You don't know me. I'm just a fan of yours. I'd like to know how you solved the "chicken and egg" problem and succeed with nairaland. Networks like nairaland, fb, twitter are only valuable when there's a community on it. Therefore nobody wants to join, unless there are already a bunch of users. So how did you gain traction?"

Seun Osewa replied

So, you want to start a poultry farm. You need eggs to make chickens, but you need chickens to lay eggs, so what do you do? How do you solve this problem? Simple:

1.Buy lots of chickens

The chickens will lay eggs, which will develop into new chickens.

2.Buy lot of fertilized eggs and incubate them. They will develop into egg-laying chickens.

To get a social network going, you just have to bribe or beg people to join your social network until it's big enough to sustain itself. If you're evil, forcing or tricking them to join also works.

For example:

*.In 'The Social Network' Mark Zuckerberg bootstrapped a social network by hacking into student records and creating accounts for students without their consent, effectively forcing them to join.

*.Some dating sites solve the chicken and egg problem by paying a bunch of real beautiful female models to join the site and participate.The models attract a lot men to join the site (a form of trickery really), and this attracts more women.

*.With Twitter and Quora, employees of the company were the first to start using the sites heavily, then their friends and family, then attention seekers, geeks and celebrities, and finally regular people. In effect, Twitter and Quora employees were initially paid not just to develop the respective sites but to use them and post on them regularly.

Until your social network takes off, you'll just have to bribe or beg people to join and participate. I did that.

Nairaland's CEO says it all

Kindly read The surest way to attract traffics to your blog to learn more.

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