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Create a free responsive blog on your mobile in minutes with BlogMr

Posted: 15 January, 2017 at 09:30 am
Create a free responsive blog on your mobile in minutes with BlogMr
Create A Free Responsive Blog On Your Mobile In Minutes With BlogMr Photo 1

What is Blogmr?

Blogmr.com is a blog hosting platform where you can create responsive blog with no cost! You can also learn how to create a responsive website using Joomla.

Blogmr was launched in Nigeria early 2016 - specifically January.

Mobile phone users benefits the most since they can customize it to their taste when compared to Blogger and Word press hard-editing templates.Checkout it's benefits below;

File hosting

BlogMr.com supports File Manager, so, you can upload starting from photos, vidoes, musics, games, apps, files and almost anything, as far as it's in a supported format (RAR, ZIP, PDF, TAR, ICO, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 3GP, MP3, AMR, MP4, AVI, MPG, WAV, AAC, THM, JAR, JAD, APK, CAB, COD, SIS, SISX, EXE, NTH, THM, CSS, TXT, XML)

No programming knowledge required

Even without any basic coding knowledge, you can still operate a blogmr blog and it has got an in-built design that when you create a blog, it automatically gets the host-template-design .

Few things you may really need a personal taste of even with a little knowledge of HTML are;

*CSS: this may demand a little knowledge of CSS

*Footer.html - this defines how you want your footer to look like

Create a free responsive blog on your mobile in minutes with BlogMr

*header.html - same as the footer but about everything on the top

*post.html - make your post coordinated to your taste.

*home.html - What your homepage should look like

others are follow.html,error.html,and post.html and more!

View my sample one Here


On the dashboard, you could see where to make your first post,edit or delete it. Make your webpage, add files,import files.

You create you categories there all,and customise your blog theme.

Create a free responsive blog on your mobile in minutes with BlogMr

Going down the dashboard ,you could see where you can add your custom domain.


you can chat, communicate and interact with other bloggers like you in their community. Thereby making way for interaction and problem solutions

Other features

include,responsive mobile view,less-data consumption and good SEO. Learn how to increase your blog traffics

Rather than wasting time on a desktop platform like blogger and WordPress why not try BlogMr now

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