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REVEALED: TCN exposes reasons for low power output recently experienced

Posted: 23 January, 2017 at 09:00 am
REVEALED: TCN exposes reasons for low power output recently experienced
REVEALED: TCN Exposes Reasons For Low Power Output Recently Experienced Photo 1

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has called for an end to the activities of militants blaming their bombing of oil and gas pipelines on the worsening power situation in the country.

According to Premium Times, Seun Olagunju the general manager, public affairs of the TCN spoke on Friday, January 20 said short gas supply was causing low power supply.

He confirmed that there was a fire incident at the Afam V power station which completely destroyed TCNs protection and control equipment in its relay and control room but said this was not the main cause of low power supply.

He said the “major cause of the current low power generation is not particularly the fire incident but the vandalism of gas pipelines that resulted in short supply of gas to thermal power generating stations.''

“TCNs equipment at the power station were completely destroyed.”

He explained that they “isolated the faulty section of the substation and made alternative arrangement for evacuation of power generated by Afam VI generation into the grid.

“Presently, the job has been successfully completed and the power station reconnected to the National Grid.”

Militants from the Niger Delta region have been agitating for better life and resource control and have been bombing pipelines in a bid to force the government to do their bidding.

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