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Top 5 Economically Important Languages To Learn Apart From English

Posted: 29 January, 2017 at 12:53 pm
Top 5 Economically Important Languages To Learn Apart From English
Top 5 Economically Important Languages To Learn Apart From English Photo 1

Contemplating on the best languages to learn is OK, but comtemplating the most useful languages to learn is perfect. The latter can be harnessed and eventually used to make money when you succeed in learning them. It opens up a world of personal and professional possibilities.

Learning a language will not only increase your chances of finding amazing work opportunities, it greatly increases your earnings.

Let's assume you own a business firm and you have two prospective employees sitting by your desk for an interview. One of them knows more than five languages and the other, only two. Who would you rather go for and who would you value the most?

You see, having a knowledge of as many languages as possible aids the way we view things. It clears our mind to improve our decision making skills, and lots more.

Lets now look into the 5 most useful languages to learn to make money.

1. Mandarin :

Mandarin is the official language of China and Taiwan. This language is spoken by more people than any other language on Earth; it is one of the four official languages of Singnapore as well as one of the six official languages of the United Nations. With huge number of people speaking Mandarin, learning it could help you earn money in the future.

2. Arabic :

You will find this language spoken from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa. Arab is one of the world's greatest languages as well as the largest member of the simitic language family. If you work in the international diplomacy, or defence sectors, This is an important language for you to learn. Arab is mostly heard from the Muslim folks around the world.

3. French:

French is an amazing language for business. It is spoken in over 50 countries, mainly in Europe and North Africa. To expand your business into these countries; Learning the French language is an essential step to take.

4. German:

German has a great economic value, being among one of the business powerhouse on the world stage. Spoken mainly in Central Europe and other part of the world, German is a language worth learning. Alot of German companies are operating all over the world, and to work with them, you need to learn their language.

5. Hindu:

Hindu is spoken by about 490 million people in India, and arguably the official language of India along with English. However India has a whole lot of languages recognized in the country so, knowing this language wouldn't mean that you can converse with everybody in India. Although learning Hindu will increase your chances of working in an Indian company as we have them all over the world.

Some other economically important languages around the world includes: Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russia, etc.

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Recent Replies (4)

Hmmm... I would love to learn Arabic before the end of this year though. all the folks in my company are all Arabs. thanks for this info, 9jaspot. YOU ROCK! - Chillex Ewomma
Lol... Pidgin english is nowhere to be found... NICE LIST by the way. I dont know if we have any HINDU tutor in the house? And how difficult is this language? Thanks - I nor get email
God Forbid.... I can never learn ARABIC.... That terrorist language.. Tufia - Yaya Jammeh
Very aptly put. I found this helpfull. Number 3 the language is wanna learn urgently - Icherish
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