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Gunmen’s, Attacks Mosque 6 dead, 8 injured In Quebec

According to report from CNN, about six people were killed while eight were injured during a battle between some gunmens and Muslim in Quebec, Canada.

The incident which was investigated by the city Police occurred at the city's Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre in the country.

According to an Eye witness, explained that eight people were injured while two gunmen putting on black were shot dead at the scene.

The city police declared that six out of the eight people were in serious condition, also said that they had captured two suspects described by the Philippe Couillard, premier of Quebec territory as horror act.

The people of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre urged residents not to broadcast the news, saying “Please wait for preliminary results (of the investigation) before circulating rumors,” declared that “The situation is very critical. May Allah give us endurance?”

Following the ban on Muslims in some countries, which was declared by the US President, Donald Trump.

The Muslims in Canada protested over the ban, which result to the battle between Muslims and some Gunmen's and later claimed six lives.

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