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Jonathan Declared Solution To Ends Religious Crisis In North

Posted: 03 February, 2017 at 08:54 am
Jonathan Declared Solution To Ends Religious Crisis In North
Jonathan Declared Solution To Ends Religious Crisis In North Photo 1

Following the religious crisis in Southern of the Nigerian, the ex- president of Nigerian, Goodluck Jonathan declared a solution to ends the crisis, saying that the federal government had to act on the law which are include in 2014 National Conference to stop the killing of people in the southern.

In a statement issued by the ex-president media assistant, Ikechukwu Eze, to the United States House Sub-Committee on Africa, saying that failure to arrests peoples that engages in the religious crisis, encourage others to carry on in their illegal act.

He explained that the nation will be destroyed, if the Government fails to deal with religious bloodshed and radicalism in the country.

Jonathan stated: “If, as a nation, we do not kill religious persecution and extremism, then religious persecution and extremism will kill Nigeria.

“The potential danger associated with the level of conflicts going on across the country is so glaring that no sane mind can ignore.

“Your invitation (of the sub-committee) letter profusely highlighted the issues of the killing of Christians in Nigeria, the last major incident being the recent killings in Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State, and I do not need to elaborate on that

“The challenge is how we stop that from recurring. How do we ensure that Christians and Muslims co-exist peacefully in Nigeria and practise their religions freely without discrimination, molestation and killings?”

Recalling the 2014 National Conference law, Jonathan said the Federal government organized an Religious Equity Commission to handle religious crisis issued in the country.

Mr. Jonathan said, “In view of the fact that religion plays a vital role in many aspects of our national life, especially in the aspect of national security and national unity, it is highly imperative that it be singled out from other fundamental rights and given a special attention via the creation of an Equity Commission whose sole mandate will be to focus on religious rights and their promotion.

“This is in line with best global practices as many advanced democracies have special legal and institutional arrangements for some very sensitive aspects of their national life.

“I totally agree with the 2014 National Conference on the need to establish the Religious Equity Commission that will have powers to arrest and prosecute those who contravene the law.”

He urged recent government to work on the 2014 National Conference law to end the killing of Muslim and Christian in the southern of Nigerian which include Kaduna, Kano and others

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ext President Jonathan why u come out and address people in this word,but we just pray for god bring end for us. u know that even in your tenure u never do it why now u tell us that. - BGmohammed255@gmail. com
Oladipupo Oluwadamilare
Am a kind and noble guy having a plain mind. Love writing: 1. Articles 2. HTML 3. CSS 4. JavaScript...


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