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Panic in Rivers as parents withdraw kids from schools over fresh army vaccination

BUHARI'S VACATION EXTENTION: From Goodluck to Badluck - Omokri reacts

Posted: 06 February, 2017 at 09:00 am
BUHARIS VACATION EXTENTION: From Goodluck to Badluck - Omokri reacts
BUHARIS VACATION EXTENTION: From Goodluck To Badluck - Omokri Reacts Photo 1

Former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has reacted to the vacation extension proposed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier on Sunday, February 5, written to the National Assembly of his desire to extend his vacation citing medical reasons.

BUHARIS VACATION EXTENTION: From Goodluck to Badluck - Omokri reacts

The president had gone on a 10-day vacation in the UK which also included medical check-up and was expected back in the country on Monday, February 6.

Reno Omokri took to his Facebook page to share his view on the situation:"Two years ago Mbaka preached a sermon against GEJ titled 'From Goodluck to Badluck'.

As things unfold today, I hope he is proud of himself! In 2012, Tunde Bakare preached a sermon and said "Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan".

I hope he is proud of himself today! Let me tell them that the Goodluck Jonathan they preached against is now the toast of the world.

BUHARIS VACATION EXTENTION: From Goodluck to Badluck - Omokri reacts

He is more relaxed and at peace with himself. He is celebrated by world leaders and world institutions. I remind both of them that he who God has blessed, no Mbaka or Bakare can curse-Numbers 23:8."

He further noted that his "concern with Nigerian Christian Leaders (except very few) is that they are too sanctimonious to take a position on issues bothering their faith and more often than not fail to speak up even against all odds! In America, the evangelicals drew the battle line by declaring openly their position on who to stand with but back here, if not for your type and others (Apostle Suleiman, Pastor Chris Okafor and Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Ayo Oritsejiafor, etc). I wonder what the fate of the church would have been?"

Reactions followed the social media update

Augustine Ehico said: "May God continue to bless, honor, protect and preserve Ex President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan...He is an exemplary Leader and a True Democrat"

Onojobi Eliya-johnson Gold Olusegun said: "Bro, you are on point. There gods buhari is dying silently now. The blood of the Christians massacre both in southern Kaduna and all over the country will surely strike anyone who is involve either directly or indirectly with partial stroke and in due curse with a complete stroke. Our God fights for us. He's a God of yesterday, today and forever."

Fred Timi said: "@ Pastor Reno, you forgot to mention pastor Kalajaye of RCCG who in one of his sermon made derogatory speech like"What is the need of having a brother who cannot deliver, let the messiah come even if .....". I hope he is equally happy and satisfied of the outcome of events."

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