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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: All you need to know about the 'lovers day'

Posted: 14 February, 2017 at 10:00 am
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: All you need to know about the lovers day
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: All You Need To Know About The Lovers Day Photo 1

The day of hearts and flowers

Finally, the much awaited day - February 14 has arrived.The day when love is in the air and life is good. You've obviously heard of it before. You've probably celebrated it once or twice – following the mutitude,but don't exactly know what it's all about?

Luckily for you in minutes you will fully get all the gists about this day

Forgeting all about this year being a tough year for Nigerians - Reccession being the catch-phrase for every worst happening leading to protest,you could still make this year's 'Love-day' an unforgetable experience, but first not without the understanding of the real fact of the 'love-day' and how it came about.

How came we have Valentine?

Who said that the male species are not as incapable of romance, the story of Saint Valentine (or Saint Valentinusas) is filled with passion and desire.

According to legend, Saint Valentine was a priest in Ancient Rome (circa 3rdCentury) who married loved-up couples in secret when Emperor Claudius II imposed a ban on matrimony – according to him, unmarried men made better soldiers. A romantic Saint Valentine chose love not war and carried out secret marriages. Unfortunately, he was discovered and punished for his treachery.

Saint Valentine - his legacy

He was imprisoned and sentenced to death and was claimed to have fallen in love with his jailor's daughter though it's not known if she returned his affections but legend states he sent her a letter declaring his love shortly before his death.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: All you need to know about the lovers day

Why February 14?

The saint's death is claimed to have occurred in February to give birth to the tradition of Valentine's Day but there are some argument over this.

Argument claims that rather than commemorating the romantic Saint Valentine, February 14 was actually chosen as Valentine's Day because it coincided with a pagan celebration – Lupercalia.

This was the festival of fertility celebrated on 15 February and dedicated to the Roman God of Agriculture - Faunus. Just as people claim Christmas is celebrated in December to Christianise the pagan Winter Solstice celebration, there are those who think Valentine's Day does the same to Lupercalia.

The very first Valentine

The first Valentines Day card is thought to have been sent from Charles the Duke of Orleans in 1415 to his wife. He sent the love note whilst imprisoned in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt, just wanting to tell his lady how much he missed her. It is reported that he would spend hours of his day writing long love verses to his wife who was located in France and these are currently in the British Museum.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY: All you need to know about the lovers day

Valentine's Day Today

Today, Valentine`s Day is the second-largest card-sending holiday each year. Approximately one billion Valentine cards are sent every year, of which women send the majority.Every year, 10 new sayings are created for the hearts as well.

Quick Valentine's facts:

*.Perfume and aftershave are the most popular gifts to buy each other on the day of love (not that your partner is a bit smelly)

*.In 2013 in the UK more than 11 million texts were received on Valentine's Day – more than any other day in February.

*.Despite the above, 85% of women actually prefer to receive a card or handwritten letter than a text message. - prefering the old way

*.27% of lovers buy each other lingerie –Getting ready for a night of passion?

You shouldn't have read all this for just a reading sake? Make up the vacuum and make a creature feel loved,experience the loved-up atmosphere!

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