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14 Steps To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Kidnap And Armed Robbery - (Opinion)

Posted: 18 February, 2017 at 09:22 pm
14 Steps To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Kidnap And Armed Robbery - (Opinion)
14 Steps To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Kidnap And Armed Robbery - (Opinion) Photo 1

The economic situation of the country is hitting hard and everyone have literally turned to 'beasts in a jungle'. It is important you play safe to avoid being a victim of kidnap and robery. This is Nigeria, we've got a lot of smart folks who has the ability of discerning your net value just simply from your actions or inaction.

My name is Danladi, please note, It's good to have a sense of security and safety.

1. Never use car stickers that says where you work, especially if you have a prestigious job, don't let show off kill you.

2. Avoid making your financial status public, don't be the one that jumps to front of the church to make donations or the one pastor raves about.

3. When you attend parties, don't let the band get you so high that you start spraying money like no man's business, use an envelope.

4. Don't be the one that tries to empty the ATM machine by making large withdrawals. You don't need 50k in your wallet to feel like a man. Abeg nor fall mugu. Be Careful.

5. Always delete your bank transaction notifications, especially SMS --You really can memorize your bank balance-- Shred ur POS/ATM receipts.

6. Don't go jogging while it's dark, you really should be smarter than that. If you can, get someone trusted as company.

7. Always lock your doors, even if you're only going out to switch off your generator.

8. NEVER wear your ID outside your work place. No one needs to know you work with FIRST BANK, don't be stupid.

9. Be accountable to your spouse or parents, let someone know where you are at every point, don't branch to Oworo when u should be in Ikeja.

10. As much as you can avoid it, don't send kids on errand outside your house, they are soft targets.

11. Don't try to form richest dude in the neighborhood by making large donations in your estate meetings, learn modesty.

12. When you give, give with modesty and privately, learn to say "I can't spare that amount now". Stop doing Baba Olowo for the boys dem.

13. Don't stay late in your office long after closing hours. That deadline work can be done at home.

14. Make safety the number one factor in your decision always!

God will keep and protect you as you also apply discretion.

Think safety all the time.

Don't take your security for granted. 14 Steps To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Kidnap And Armed Robbery - (Opinion)

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Recent Replies (6)

This will be very helpful indeed - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
Our nigeria government doesn't consider Safety a big deal that is why we have high crime rate and massacre of nigerians. When we tell una say 'Go out and vote for a responsible candidate' and dont vote out of ethnic bigotry, una nor dey hear word. NIGERIANS SHOULD WISEN UP... Your safety is government's business and responsibility. - Iremi tide
This is helpful. - Icheerish Yetunde
Cool points... danladi try to use more subtle language next time. yeye boy.. lol I am guilty of number 6 - THIS DANLADI SEF
The only way we can curb kidnapping is Technology!!.... - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
On point! - Daniel Daniel
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