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SUNDAY DIALOGUE: As A Christian Is It Good To Pray For Your Enemies To Die? (PHOTOS)

SUNDAY DIALOGUE: As A Christian Is It Good To Pray For Your Enemies To Die? (PHOTOS)SUNDAY DIALOGUE: As A Christian Is It Good To Pray For Your Enemies To Die? (PHOTOS)
As A Christian Is It Good To Pray For Your Enemy To Die?

Alot of bible verses say God the Father of our Lord Jesus is a killer, while other verses say God is full of mercy and love.

With so many double standard statements In the holy books --Be it bible or Koran-- People dont know what to believe anymore. This issue is very serious because it has pushed alot of people into religion extremism.

Demonic activities are on the increase, yet there are many churches everywhere people die for no just reason the enemy has turned the destiny of many high flyers to rag.

As a believer should we pray for our enemy to die?

The same way God uses people to do miracles the same way the devil also uses people to commit havoc.

Ephesians 6:12 says for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against, powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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Recent Replies (7)

Well, i'd rather pray for my enemies than wish them harm. At least that is what christ commanded me to do.. I dont know about others, thank you. - Chi Bu Zor Ogwu
Shaking my head for that number 5 commentator. All these christains should even be jailed by PMB. They are just too quick to start calling names... AFONJAS! - Oya Dab
Yes. Reason is because if you dont kill them, they are out to kill you. Please lets respect the fact that christians aren't as violent as their counterparts --the muslims-- make una nor dey push us abeg. - Osibanjo for President
Very insightful question. I wonder how churches are scattered everywhere in Nigeria and still we hear all sort of wierd news about death and wizardry. This region thing is a ruse. Nigerians wisen up. Do not allow your pastors and Alphas to think for you. SAY NO TO EXTREMISM. - Iremi Tide
I pray for long life to my enemies so that they will see the glory of God in my life and repent from their evil ways. - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
9jaspot is this some form of attack on Christianity? why Single out Christians alone? - Yeti ti
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