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Man Offers Free Bath To Dirty Almajiris In Maiduguri

''I saw this at a car wash here in Maiduguri, and even though it may look somehow, but I encourage the guy to continue. He gather[s] Almajiris who are so dirty and give[s] them a free birth [bath]. I gave him money for soap so that he can continue rendering his free birth service to these children who has[have] no one to give them a clean birth which is essential to their health.'' Posted a Facebook user.Man Offers Free Bath To Dirty Almajiris In MaiduguriMan Offers Free Bath To Dirty Almajiris In MaiduguriMan Offers Free Bath To Dirty Almajiris In Maiduguri


is a word borrowed from Arabic and used for someone who leaves his home in search of knowledge in Islamic religion.

Almajiri means Learner. Someone irrespective of gender who searches for knowledge at home or on transit and display high moral behavior.

While Mabaraci means Beggar.Any person who begs for assistance on the street or from house to house as a result of some deformity or disability, children between the ages of seven and fifteen who roam about with the purpose of getting assistance or arms; or even a child who engages in some form of labour to earn a living.

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Recent Replies (3)

That's remarkable!! I commend the guy - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
I am happy to know there's still more selfless people out there. God will bath you back in ten folds - Bar Kar Si
Commendable , but it really showed how backward we are. In this age and time, bathing for a grown up? - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
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