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6 Critical Reasons Why Northern Nigeria Remains The Poorest - Sen. Shehu Sani

Posted: 26 February, 2017 at 04:00 pm
6 Critical Reasons Why Northern Nigeria Remains The Poorest - Sen. Shehu Sani
6 Critical Reasons Why Northern Nigeria Remains The Poorest - Sen. Shehu Sani Photo 1

Shehu Sani, the Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, has blamed wealthy politicians for the current poverty in northern part of Nigeria.

According to the Senator, the North is believed to be the poorest region in the country despite the number of wealthy people from the area.

These are the reasons he stated

1. They toil so hard for less

Sani said that the poor “toiled and worked for us, and laboured hard to see us elected into public offices,” yet no gains.

2. Used and dumped

He noted that the poor and physically-challenged people were usually neglected after elections.

“It has always been the same pattern; each time we are aspiring for political offices, we search for them in the nook and crannies but at the very time we have won the election, the best thing is how to clear them from our cities.

3. Begging

“You cannot end (street) begging in any part of Nigeria without making provisions for uplifting their socio-economic and living standards. It has always been the case. Public begging and loitering is an economic problem.

“Begging has been a major problem in northern Nigeria but it couldn't in any way be stopped because the economic basis that would address the problem has not been done."

4. No economic roadmap

“You cannot legislate people out of poverty; you cannot decree people out of poverty; you have to lay an economic roadmap for which these people can stand and fend for themselves."

5. The poor are seen as pests

“Many rich northerners, who own oil blocks and are in position of power, are seeing these people as pests in the society that should be cleared off. And they cannot be cleared off.

“We have enough people who are rich in the northern part of Nigeria and who could have ended this problem."

6. Philanthropy making the people lazy

“But what we should understand is that philanthropy alone cannot address the problem of socio-economic inequality; we need to have an entrenched social system and social justice in which people of this."

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What do you mean by APC virus? - Horsfall@gmail.com
What do you mean by APC virus? - Horsfall@gmail.com
This shehu sani is always making sense. Seems he can't be infected with apc virus Nice one senator - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
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