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GOOD NEWS! Researchers cure 5 HIV patients with new vaccine

GOOD NEWS! Researchers cure 5 HIV patients with new vaccine
GOOD NEWS! Researchers Cure 5 HIV Patients With New Vaccine Photo 1

Three years of painstaking research weren't badly spent as scientists have come up with a new vaccine based treatment for HIV, which they claimed have cured at least five people.

Meanwhile, according to the United Nations (UN), an estimated 18 million people across the world currently take ART dr*gs daily to slow down the spread of HIV virus and these scientist have argued are expensive and can have negative side effects adding that patients are forced to swallow the tablets on daily basis, and in most cases for their entire lives, which can be tiresome.

The new vaccine, the researchers say, has succeeded in suppressing the virus, thus lifting hopes that more research could lead to prevention of Aids.

The scientists at IrsiCaixa Aids Research Institute, Barcelona, reportedly combined two innovative HIV vaccines with a dr*g that is usually used to treat cancer. They then administered the new vaccine into 24 participants in the research.

After the 24 HIV patients were given the dose, the virus was undetectable in five of them.

Interestingly one of the five patients went on to live without the virus and without taking ARTs for seven consecutive months

“We are on the right path to developing a treatment that could offer an alternative to the daily antiretroviral dr*gs (ARTs),” says Beatriz Mothe, the lead scientist.

The scientists argue that in 2015 alone, provision of ART dr*gs to patients in low to middle-income countries cost US$19 billion meaning huge savings could be made.

“This research had been carried out in small scale but findings are interesting and very important,” says Mitchell Warren, executive director of the Aids Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (Avac).

The new discovery gives hope to some 18 million people who are on ARTs across the world

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