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SHOCKING! 10-year-old Boy Contracts HIV From Bananas?

SHOCKING! 10-year-old Boy Contracts HIV From Bananas?
According to reports surfacing online claims that bananas at a Walmart store in Oklahoma, US have been found to have HIV after a 10-year-old boy got infected.

Several websites such as CNNews3.com and the Zambian Observer reported that a 10-year-old boy contracted the deadly virus seven days after eating bananas his mom bought from the Walmart store.

The boy reportedly exhibited symptoms such as fever, fatigue and chills, and had to be admitted to hospital. Tests then reportedly revealed the virus in the boy's blood.

SHOCKING! 10-year-old Boy Contracts HIV From Bananas?

The reports further alleged that eight more boys also showed the same symptoms and all reported to have consumed the bananas from the same store.

Laboratories reportedly carried out tests on bananas sold at the store and allegedly found the virus in them.

These reports remain unconfirmed and unverified by US health authorities as well as Walmart officials. Similar reports have previously appeared online without evidence.

In addition, medical experts affirm that the HIV virus cannot survive outside the human body.

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Recent Replies (7)

Shocking !!! how did the virus enter the Banana..... - NOEL
Shocking !!! how did the virus enter the Banana..... - NOEL
That is so shocking indeed!! I feel sorry for the victim - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
This is quite shocking. I think someone might have planted the virus into the plant of the banana, because it's so unimaginable. Daniel Munachimso - danielnwimo@gmail.com
Na only God go save us if this is true. There are countless other imported consumables that hit our dinning tables. God help us! - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
haba! don't even know what to say but thank God they did not use Africa as specimen. - Lilian Nnedinso
Am confused here! Thorough investigation should be carry out cos am beginning to shake with fear. Don't know what they want to test again using banana as their specimen. - Sandra Chinasa
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