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Despite being absent, Presidency releases photos of Buhari with children


If you're reading this then you're blessed. Please save your heart and care tenderly for it.

- Your heart is too precious to be broken by anybody. Protect it all cost. The Holy Book says, "Guard your heart with all diligence...." so that one child of Satan will not make a mess of your life.

- Be smart in your relationships, don't allow anybody damage you!

Hear God and hear Him well before you propose to anybody and accept proposal.

- If you use your little brain to pick a partner and lock God out of your decision, you will hurt very badly. Getting God involved at the beginning is one smart choice you will make. you save yourself from headache, pain and heartbreak.

- Let your partner know your past, weaknesses, strengths, expectations, vision, dreams and goals as early as possible so as to know whetner you flow together and they accept you for who you are; if not, pack your bags and quit the relationship before your emotions get tangled.

The longer you stay in a relationship, the harder it is to quit!

- Use your head not your emotions when you are entering into relationships.

- I let my man know every damn thing he needed to know about me from the onset. Actually, my plan was to scare him off. I wanted to know how genuine he was.

- I painted very tough stories of myself, showed him my ugly side and promised him I could be tough to handle. He didn't back down! He stood his ground and maintained I was the one he wanted.

When I saw his genuiness and determination, I soften down and became real with him. I told him to make up his mind whether he was gonna stay or quit the relationship. I wanted to give him 100% commitment and didn't want someone to break my heart. My heart is too precious to be broken!

- Find out as early as possible if the relationship is real or they are play boys or play girls. Listen, if a man loves you, nothing scares him. Your weaknesses don't shake him, they ratber thrill him. You don't need to pretend for him to accept you, he accepts you perfectly the way you are. If he doesn't love you, he will still go no matter what you do. Same for men, if she loves you, she loves you, you don't need to pretend to be who you are not. If she doesn't, she doesn't and no matter what you do to impress her she will still break your heart.

- If you discover the relationship is going no where to happen, end it before your partner does. Ending a relationship hurts but someone walking out on you hurts more and shatters your self esteem to pieces. Protect yourself esteem. Be the one to get out first!

- Call your partner, explain the reason the relationship can't continue and end it on that note. Don't form the habit of entering and breaking relationships though. It is best to wait for God, hear Him, pick your partner once and for all and settle down to a glorious married life.

- Once the relationship has ended, it has ended. Block them on the social media, don't pick their calls and no going back. If you keep talking, you may re-connect and go back to the unhealthy relationship which is bound to collapse again leaving you in a state of emotional roller coaster.

- Don't allow anyone toy with your emotion, guard your heart from pain!

- Avoid pre-marital sex. Ending a relationship which has involved pre-marital sex is emotionally shattering! A part of you has gone into that person and ending it means tearing you apart! It hurts like maaad! Save your precious heart from heart break by avoiding pre-marital sex at all cost. You don't have anything to lose if the relationship ends.

- All in all, avoid wrong relationships. Learn to wait on God. Hear him and listen to him well before you propose or accept proposal. That way, you will save yourself from heart break and avoid the pain of entering and breaking relationships over and over again.

Save yourself from pain! Your heart is too precious to be damaged by anybody.

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thanks so much Mr Austin and my Darling 9jaspot.com - Lilian Nnedinso
This article is an educative one - Eze@gmail.com
Nice one!! This article is a very educative one, it has enlightened me so much - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
Thanks so much for this wealthy of information. - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
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