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Webmasters: Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself?

Posted: 24 July, 2016 at 06:13 pm
Webmasters: Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself?
Webmasters: Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself? Photo 1

Blogging has been a very successful profession, thus everybody wants to become a blogger as a result of its success stories in recent years. Either prominent or no prominent, all we keep saying is: “I want to become a blogger; even Linda Ikeji (as a female) made it through blogging.”

However, when blogging was born in the late 90's, its second name was: “rush in, rush out”. I wonder why you choose it to be your best friend without knowing much about its biography. These things had caused me headaches in the past few days, before I decide to construct this article. It forces me to go out of Africa (especially Nigeria) to browse and make research about the “white-skinned” bloggers; what they pass through and their success stories.

Webmasters: Why Are You Killing Your Blog Yourself?

Through my findings (of which am still into), I discovered that the most successful bloggers in the world emerged from the United States and India.

Wait! I found one thing in common, “they are Selfless! - A selfless blogger is the type who wants the best for his viewers and as a result; tries as much as possible to write what we knows, and obtain sources from other websites, includes the link to the source (which takes them to the original page of the article) all in the name of “pleasing their users”.


A selfish blogger is the type who doesn't care about the interest of their viewers, and as a result copy articles from any website, paste it on their blog ”without including the reference link to the original article”. – I call them: “Smart Ignorant Bloggers”. 84% of African bloggers especially Nigerians are Smart Ignorant Bloggers. I am once one of them though, I begin to realize the difference ever since I rolled out to join the second 16% group. I launched a News/Article blog 9jaspot.com 3 months, can't just believe its outcome within those 70 days. This gives me a urge to launch another “more of Nigerian News aggregator websites ” : feedtonic.com and scholarspost.com just few weeks later. It will certainly work for you also if you quit the “Smart Ignorant Bloggers” group.

If you are not here for this post, I believe you should not read up to this 410th word of this article. Thank God you still manage to read up to the 425th word, which shows you are ready to awake your already-dying blog website.

A Smart Ignorant Blogger is killing Their Blog In 2 Major Ways:

Are You Going To Listen To The Facts?

1. You Are Making Google Hate Your Blog

Pengium and Panda are smart Google crawler robots. They perform the work of fetching results from different websites whenever a user searches for a keyword or phrase. However, these intelligent robots are so concerned about rendering the users precise and highly related results which matches their requests. This as a result made them formulate some rules which filters the gold from the dust. Displays the golden results first, and set back the dusty ones --- (like results from the SIB, hope you now know what SIB means, if you don't, you have to read the words 260th times backward from here.). They display quality and unique contents. However, Google will make you its best enemy if your content is not unique.


Google Pengium and Panda will pardon you if ONLY you include the source to the original article. This simple principle will make your website a regular friend to Google search and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and AOL. One of the secret behind the most visited websites in the world is their Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). The higher your SERP, the higher the organic traffic you get. Organic traffics are traffics that comes from search engines, in other words, they are the most precious traffic for advert conversion, including Google Adsense. This is because it was believed that organic traffics are original, they are not the type gotten through blackhat method or spamming.

2. Your Users Will Loose Trust In You and Your Blog

If you keep on posting articles from other sources without including the main source of the article, your users will be so disappointed in you when that find the same article on the original website with proofs that you are not the main author. It looks like you are not real, they keep on loosing interest in your blog.


If you include the source link: Users will understand that you are real and that your article is legit. This will give them confidence to visit the original source to confirm or learn more.

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Wow! Love this...... Am among the second 16% group now ..... - Danywhizzy@gmail.com
Waoh! Thanks a lot. I never know this before. - pheranmy72@gmail.com
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