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If She Is A Nigerian Babe And She Does These Things, MARRY HER!!

Posted: 18 March, 2017 at 10:46 am

This article is going to be short and straight to the point. Just something I feel is important to note. If She is a Nigerian babe and she is got these attributes, please hurry up and take her to the alter!

1. At her first visit of your house she was very observant and complained of how unkept some of the places are and helped you to tidy it asap.

2. She hates you spending unnecesarilly eating outside...she prefers she always cook for you.

3. She doesn't allow you to waste your money on laundry...she encourages you to do it yourself or she does it herself atimes.

4. She most atimes pays for the meal whenever you take her out on a date.

5. She ask of your mum and siblings quite often.

6. She doesn't always allow you to be the first to call, not only that, upon her seeing your missed calls she doesn't hesitate to call you back instead of flashing you.

7. If you are a salary earner, she encourages you to set up a business as a back up plan should incase you are layed off by halliburton, schlumberger, total E and p, drillog, NLNG, cos she understands the way coys drops staff these days is just alarming.

8. She's not a lazy woman nor liability...she's always open to new developments and gives you a lucrative idea and always wants to work whenever the opportunity presents itself.

9. She doesn't just wake up and make plans on her own without making you part of the plans.

10. She doesn't appear aloof to you just like that without something in her hands, could be bole, fruits....most times she dashed into the boutique and buy you some nice shirts, boxers and a pair of shoe since she knows your size …

11. She doesn't wear provocative or revealing outfits, she's modest in her dressing.

12. She's not a phone freak...she knows when to touch her phone and when to get busy.

13. She seldomly go jealous at her sight of you with another girl, instead she'd lovingly and jokingly wanna know who she is, instead of ranting like a drammer queen.

14. She's faithful to a fault.

15. She can sing you into sleeping in her arms especially if she offends you, me i love this one eh .

16. She doesn't joke with church.

17. She has a blissing relationship with her colleagues both in church and in the office/school.

19. She doesn't believe in make ups, hence she knows she's not man hunting, it's only you she knows and have

20. If She loves you for who you are, Marry Her!

I hope we still have ladies who possess these qualities, yeah, i'm optimistic we still do have such ladies, I 've encountered a few tho, so, don't tell me to go gather clay and mould one myself...the thing is, most times our taste outweighs us there by making us to not see them when they come our way.

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Recent Replies (6)

This one na Ghana girl.. - kizitosix037@gmail.com
You can find them,if you are not after lust,beauty is in the mind . - oniconga@ yahoo.com
Hmmm any lady that posess that quality is hard to find now o they are scarce - Okogodwin40@gmail.com
continue praying @Idris. you go pray tire - Lilian Nnedinso
Finding a girl with all those qualities is very difficult considering how the modern world is - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
I pray to meet a girl with all this charisma... hmm but very scarce bro - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
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