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Fayose seen eating rice at road- side canteen

Governor Ayo Fayose enjoyed a meal of rice served in leaves by the roadside in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.

Fayose who is sometimes called an Amala governor due to his decision to sometimes eat out reportedly paid N20,000 for the meal according to a post by Lere Olayinka who is his media aide.

Olayinka wrote: Here is Governor Fayose doing justice to IRESI INU EWE (Rice served in leaves) gotten from a roadside food seller at Moferere area of Ado Ekiti few minutes ago.

He ate N100 rice and by the time he was leaving, the food seller got N20,000 for service rendered.


Make una BMC members take the pictures to Utako, Abuja for una usual analysis. At lease, you now have something to keep you busy.

See pictures below:Fayose seen eating rice at road- side canteenFayose seen eating rice at road- side canteenFayose seen eating rice at road- side canteen

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Recent Replies (7)

Gov,fayose is enjoying him self. - kizitosix037@gmail.com
We love Governor fayose.No governor in Nigeria past or present love his people like fayose. He has risen up and continues to rise but has not forgotten where he came from. His action speak volume. He is the people's governor. Love him - segun77@gmail.com
sir, no mind what people are saying. just do your thing in your own way. - sandra chinasa
I hope you are serving your state wall , don't eat much and forgot your people I see you are eating along why not with those that elicited you if went play your interlet. - auwalmukhtar070@gmail.com
I really like this man - Lilian Nnedinso
When will this man get down to business and serve the people of Ekiti and not Ekiti people serving him pomo, amala and now ofada rice. SMH - yayahdrs8@gmail.com
I think this guy (Fayose) has some mental problem - Ibrahimmuhammad0092@gmail.com
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