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Up and running with Livestreaming on Facebook

Posted: 30 March, 2017 at 10:03 pm
Up and running with Livestreaming on Facebook
Up And Running With Livestreaming On Facebook Photo 1

Social networks have become more than just platforms for posting and commenting on posts. They have become incredible tools for collaboration, broadcasting and social facilitation. One of the features that has made some social platforms become useful social engineering tools is that which enables you stream yourself or what's happening around you to your friends, fans or followers all around the world. Gone are the days when you have to pay huge costs to have your events or broadcast livestreamed on the internet, like twitter's Periscope app and Meerkat before it, Facebook - the largest social network is stepping up the livestreaming game by the day through Facebook Live, this could be all you need to broadcast yourself.

Facebook opened up Live to everyone about a year ago, with cool features – you can choose who exactly you want to share with, you can customize your stream using filters or your current emotion.

Up and running with Livestreaming on Facebook

You need to get the best of this useful tool, we've added five steps below to help you with that:

1. Don't just come up: People have stuff to do - lots of them, their days are planned out. To make the most of your live session, inform your fans, friends and followers ahead – at least one day before or possibly more, that way they'll have you in mind, you can as well share your notice to specific friends, groups or events. Let them have a compelling description of what you'll be sharing, that way there's some anticipation for your broadcast. Likewise, figure out what you want to share – say or show ahead, plan it all out – don't just come up!

2. Get some commitment: Well, it's good that info is out about your upcoming livestream, but…you know we all have a lot of things on our minds and with the current volume of cyber info, you won't blame us for forgetting. You can simply ask your viewers to subscribe to your live sessions, so they'll get a notification each time you go live.

3. Get good internet: Compared to how much you'd spend on traditional streaming service – this is cheap! If your connection is too weak, the 'Go Live' button will be grayed out and you don't want your session to end abruptly or your viewers loosing you along the way because your internet wasn't strong enough – that can be a real put off. Ensure you check your internet strength 10 -30 minutes before your session begins.

Up and running with Livestreaming on Facebook

4. Try taking professional shots: If you can't get a tripod stand casing for your phone - which is a worthwhile investment if you go live often, you may rest your phone against a stack of books. Broadcasting with a shaking camera can be a serious put off. Work on your lights also, generally, ensure that the light shines on you and not behind you so your face is not in the shadows, filters like tints may also be helpful if your light isn't so great.

5. Stay in touch: As you go on, ensure you're interacting with your viewers, give the context – where you are, what point you're making, try responding to questions. If this wouldn't be possible, let your fans know ahead, remember we talked about giving adequate info about your session ahead.

There you have it – you're good to go live! Everyone with a phone camera, good-enough internet and the Facebook app can livestream from anywhere. Once you're done with your session, you may watch your video in retrospect, edit your video's title and description – while viewing the video, just tap “Options” at the bottom and then tap “Edit Video Details”.

Ever seen a livestreaming session or used your Facebook Live for livestreaming before? What was the experience like, let's hear from you.

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