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"Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.” - Muslims Vow To Make Ekiti State Ungovernable

Posted: 11 April, 2017 at 03:39 pm
Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.” - Muslims Vow To Make Ekiti State Ungovernable
Fayose Has Murdered Sleep And He Shall Sleep No More.” - Muslims Vow To Make Ekiti State Ungovernable Photo 1

The Muslim Rights Concern in Ekiti State has condemned the proposed act by Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose's to demolish some mosques in the state.

They described it as an act of aggression.

Four mosques were last week marked for demolition by the Ekiti State government.

However the government gave reasons for the proposed demolition saying, Muslims could contact cancer from the radioactive emission from petrol stations where the mosques are located.

However, in a statement made available on Friday by MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the attempt to demolish the mosques is an act of aggression against peace-loving and law-abiding Muslims of the state.

“It is primitive, provocative and sadistic. It is an undisguised invitation to anarchy. The state government's excuse of exposure to cancer is lame, infantile, laughable and untenable. What of hundreds of petrol attendants who have been serving in petrol stations in Ekiti State since its inception on October 1, 1996?

“How many of them have had cases of cancer? How many petrol attendants in the whole of Nigeria have been exposed to radioactive emissions? Can the claim be certified by the World Health Organisation? Fayose's public health adviser must be from hell,” the statement said.

Akintola stated that Fayose's radioactive emission claim was a “mere cloak for political vendetta”.

He said, “It has since been revealed that all the four petrol stations involved belong to Alhaji Suleman Akinbami, a chieftain of the opposition party. Fayose has probably forgotten that the end-users of those mosques are Muslims of Ekiti State and the petrol dealer hardly uses them..

“This is where Fayose misfired. He is targeting Muslims in Ekiti State by attempting to demolish those mosques but he has forgotten that anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian Muslims. Ekiti State governor is waging war against Islam. Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more.”

The Muslim scholar also accused Fayose of not liking Islam. He claimed that the go vernor formed an all-Christian government after assumption of office in 2015.

Akintola said, “Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques. Freedom of worship is enshrined in Nigeria's constitution and civil disobedience is the inalienable right of a persecuted people. We will resist this oppression if the system will do nothing about it.”

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