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Government Puts Ban On Slaughtering Of Dogs and Cats for Food

Government Puts Ban On Slaughtering Of Dogs and Cats for Food
Taiwan Government has recently puts a ban on killing of dogs and cats for food in their country, as well as pulling animals along with a lead while riding a motor vehicle.

This law was made to the country existing APL (Animal Protection Law) with a guarantee that anybody caught in violating the law will be granted two years in prison with large fines.

According to report, the Taiwan government banned the sale of pets' meat such as dogs and cats in 2001, which was the first ban on pets in Asia.

Following the bans, Taiwanese put high regard towards their pets especially in the area of reducing their pet's birth rate.

Tsai Ing-wen, the Taiwanese President was a well-known cat lover, in which he recently posted a picture of his two pets on social media.

Last year, the president family adopted three dogs.

We also gathered that the ban on pets was made due to reports in 2015 from the Asia Animal industry research in China, claiming that animals killed for food in Asian countries were stolen pets and wander away animals.

This makes the Taiwanese government to support the research and put ban on killing of pet in Tiawan.

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