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8-year-old girl beats up little boy for not giving him milk after sucking his 'pee-pee'

Posted: 19 April, 2017 at 10:00 am
8-year-old girl beats up little boy for not giving him milk after sucking his pee-pee
8-year-old Girl Beats Up Little Boy For Not Giving Him Milk After Sucking His Pee-pee Photo 1

A Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to narrate an incident that happened while on her way to work.

According to the lady, she bumped into a little girl beating up a little boy, who she alleged didn't give him milk after sucking his pee-pee.

Here's what Kate Udoka Nwakanwa wrote;

"On my way to work this morning, i chanced on a very bizarre sight.

A little girl of say 8 years was beating up a boy of 5. I quickly intervened and asked her why she would do such, and the following conversation took place (in yoruba)

Me: Why are u beating him up?

The girl: This Temi boy is too stingy, after giving him my

biscuit he has refused to give me milk.

Me: Haha, but that is not enough reason for you to beat him up... Temi why were you being stingy with your milk, it's only fair you give her part of it seeing as she gave you her biscuit.

Temi:(with tears running down his face) But i've got no milk, she kept on sucking my pee pee and asking me to bring the milk.

Me:(bewildered) Pee Pee? (Turns to the girl) And before i could say jack, she launched into a tirade...

Girl: Whenever I suck on Boda Ahmed's pee pee he gives me milk, is it not the same pee pee Temi has? This boy is just wicked...

Jaysus... My eyes have seen and my ears have heard...


At that point a woman came out and luckily she was the girl's mother... I just handed over her bukata to her and advised that she report Boda Ahmed to the police and have them look into the case. "

[u] Kate who did a follow-up on the case, found out that 'Boda Ahmed' is the little girl's dad's bestfriend. [u]

"I did follow up like i promised. Boda Ahmed is her dad's best friend (from what i heard). Her father has decided to let the matter rest. When i tried to appeal to the conscience of the girl's mother she begged me not to break her home as her husband is the bread winner of the house and Ahmed also helps out.

I wish i could repeat everything word for word... It was disheartening really. At a point, the 8 year old was being blamed. I pray she turns out well, I do.

: All those who felt it was a joke, i pray y'all will be wiser and have discerning spirits...

Also those saying i should report the issue to authorities, I don't believe you can make any case without her parents consent (correct me if i'm wrong please)...

Please let's be mindful of whom we leave our little ones with, things are happening"

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