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3 Strangest Buildings In The World You Won’t Believe Existed

3 Strangest Buildings In The World You Won’t Believe Existed
The world is and abode to many fuuny,weird and proffessional architecture,it owes some of its strangest structures to the masterminds of unconventional architects, who have painted their weird expressions through brick and mortar.

Modern architecture has brought many amazing buildings to the world. Quirky shapes, ambitious designs, new materials, and new different styles have come with the modern architecture into construction today.

Sky scrapers reaching to the clouds and gigantic structures of metal are common sights in almost all corners of the world.

Here, we list some most amazing, strangest buildings in the world.

3. The Crooked House | Poland

Shopping center in downtown Sopot, the Crooked House is currently considered an architectural marvel.

The Krzywy Domek (in English as the Crooked House) is an irregularly-shaped building in Sopot, Poland. It was built in 2004.

It is approximately 4,000 square meters in size and is part of the Rezydent shopping center. It was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski who were inspired by the fairytale illustrations and drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg to create this masterpiece.

This building is a popular tourist spot with some restaurants, bars and shops. It has become the most photographed building in Poland due to its unique impression.

2. Stone House | Portugal 3 Strangest Buildings In The World You Won’t Believe Existed

Constructed between two giant stones and linked with a concrete mix, the house is rumored to be inspired by the popular American Flintstones cartoon.

Like most homes, it has a front door, roof, and selection of windows – while the huge spherical boulder on the uphill side of the house and scoop-shaped end give it that prehistoric feel.

This unusual house's design attracts thousands of tourists each year.

3.National Centre for the Performing Arts | China

3 Strangest Buildings In The World You Won’t Believe Existed

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), described as The Giant Egg is an opera house in Beijing, People's Republic of China. .

The Centre, an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass surrounded by an artificial lake, seats 5,452 people in three halls and is almost 12,000 m² in size.

It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu. It took almost 6 years to be built, construction started in December 2001 and the inaugural concert was held in December 2007.

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