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Woman gives birth TWICE to premature twins 2 weeks apart (photos)

Posted: 21 April, 2017 at 10:50 am
Woman gives birth TWICE to  premature twins 2 weeks apart (photos)
Woman Gives Birth TWICE To Premature Twins 2 Weeks Apart (photos) Photo 1

According to reports, a US woman in Spring, Texas, incredibly gave birth twice in two weeks to premature twins.

Latroya Wooldridge termed the remarkable experience, in which she first gave birth to her daughter before delivering her son two weeks later, “a miracle.”

At the onset of labour, Latroya drove herself to hospital because her husband, Arthur Wooldridge, was out of town for work.

Doctors then helped her to give birth to her daughter Amara, who however weighed less than a kilogram and was born at just 24 weeks.

Latroya said: “When I saw her feet kicking, that was just the best moment, but at the same time I was afraid about what would happen next because she was so tiny.”

Woman gives birth TWICE to  premature twins 2 weeks apart (photos)

She then delivered her son Arthur two weeks later and he also weighed under a kilogram.

However, because they were born so prematurely, the twins are still under observation and care in hospital several months after they were born.

Their doctor, Dr David Weisoly, said the twins are progressing well and have pulled through the most difficult part.

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I like this ,addressee - jobàdi posaambu
Oh dear. This is so beautiful. Am so loving this fam. Congratulations to them - ruth
You-have-luck - emediong
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