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Look up! Flying cars are here

Posted: 25 April, 2017 at 11:25 am
Look up! Flying cars are here
Look Up! Flying Cars Are Here Photo 1

Just as we were wrapping our heads around self-driving cars, the new buzz is? Yes, flying cars not as in the movies but really.

In fact, the idea of airborne cars have been around a long time, as far back as the 1950s notably the limited edition Aerocar.

Dutch startup PAL-V announced last week that it was taking $10,000 deposits for its $400,000-and-up two seat Liberty flying car, just as Slovakia-based AeroMobil began taking pre-orders for its $1 million-plus machine will it projects will be launched in three years. Thee flying cars will require a runway and at least a sport pilot's licence.

Look up! Flying cars are here

Other big players include Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, whose TF-X looks like a car with wings folded by its sides and, notably, can take off and land vertically, using so-called VTOL technology. The company's site claims flying an TF-X won't require a full pilot's license. 

That's the same approach taken by Germany's Lilium Aviation, which just conducted a successful unmanned test flight of its VTOL craft with wheels.

Look up! Flying cars are here

And ride-hailing giant Uber, whose ambitious push into self-driving cars is entangled in a lawsuit from rival Google, also envisions a world where your Uber ride can skip the Mainland-to-Island gridlock by taking to the skies. Today, Uber will host an Elevate conference in Dallas on that idea.

From the looks of these big technological leaps, it would appear that hopping a flight to the office is but a few years away,that sounds so good for a Lagosian. Time to sell the car and buy a parachute.

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