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How to Withdraw Money from All Banks without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal

How to Withdraw Money from All Banks without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal
How To Withdraw Money From All Banks Without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal Photo 1

Never thought this information is so useful until I feel a victim myself just lastweek. I was on my way to the bank when I noticed I had forgotten my Naira Mastercard at home. Oh My God! The next thought was how I could get this money without having to go back home. In a minute, I thought about the cardless withdrawal, I must be sincere with you, that was the first time I was using it.

I quickly grabbed my phone, dailed the USSD code, after some minutes a REFERENCE PIN was sent to me, which I used to cash out my money! Today, I have decided to share with you how easy it is to withdraw you cash without the ATM card. Let's go!

GTBANK Cardless Withdrawal

Cardless Withdrawal has been very easy with GTBanking. As a GTBank account owner, the power of *737# is enough for you! How to Withdraw Money from All Banks without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal

  1. Just dail: *737#
  2. Select 8 for 'Next Page'
  3. Select the 'Cardless Withdrawal' option which is supposed to the be first option (in the Next Page)
  4. Choose if you want to withdraw from 'GTBank' or 'or other banks'.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Enter the last 4 digit of your ATM card
  7. Select OK

In few minutes, you GTBank Withdrawal Reference PIN will be sent to your phone as SMS, visit the bank ATM and Select 'Cardless Withdrawal', you will be prompted to provide the Ref. PIN, followed by the amount you wish to withdraw for confirmation.

Take your cash!

DIAMOND BANK Cardless Withdrawal

How to Withdraw Money from All Banks without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal
How To Withdraw Money From All Banks Without ATM Card - Cardless Withdrawal Photo 3
Diamond Cardless Withdrawal can only be done if you register for this service. It enables you to use the Diamond ATMs without using your debit card. It is called the Magic Cash.

How It Works

  1. Register for the service at any of the Diamond banks or call their Contact Centre on 0700-300-0000
  2. Text ATM to 30811 from your registered mobile number maintained on your account
  3. After some minutes, a six digit magic code will be generated and sent to your phone as SMS
  4. Go to any Diamond Bank ATM and select the Magic Cash option
  5. Enter your registered mobile number with prefix +234
  6. Now enter the six digit Magic Code you received on your registered mobile number
  7. Create and confirm your Magic PIN (4 digits) (you will need to create the Magic PIN during the first transaction alone as you will only have to key it in for subsequent transactions).
  8. proceed to your transactions...

Fidelity Cashless Withdrawal

To make a Cardless withdrawal with Fideilty bank, you can follow these steps:
  1. From your Fidelity registered mobile phone, dial *770*8*Amount#
  2. It will prompt you to create a One-Time PIN that will be used at the ATM.
  3. Now, enter your Instant Banking PIN to confirm the transaction.
  4. A Paycode will be generated and sent to your phone. (Note: If You are using the *770# Instant Banking service for the first time, you will be required to register by dialing *770#).
  5. At the ATM, Press any Key on the machine or Press Enter
  6. Select Dial4Cash or PayCode Cashout
  7. Now enter the one-Time 4 digit PIN you created earlier.
  8. Enter the Paycode that was sent to your mobile phone.
  9. Enter the amount and take your Cash.

Standard Chartered Bank Cardless Withdrawal

To use the cardless withdrawal service as a Standard Chartered Bank user,

  1. Visit the nearest Standard Chartered ATM
  2. Transfer the desired amount to the your phone number (or the recipient's mobile number, if not you)
  3. after the transaction, you will instantly receive an order number on a receipt dispensed at the ATM
  4. At the same time, an SMS that contains the PIN number that will be required at the time of withdrawal will also be sent to you or the recipient's number (This order number will also be the same as the one on your dispense reciept)
  5. The recipient will have to visit a Standard Chartered Bank ATM(Please use the same ATM if you want to cash the money yourself).
  6. Enter the Unique Pin Number, order number, mobile number and amount.
  7. After the success of the verification, the cash is then dispensed to the recipient.

NB:This service is valid between the next 24hrs of transaction, this will not work if the time interval has been exceeded

You now see how simple it is! Please comment to share your ideas, are you facing any difficulty using your own bank? Please let us know. You can also share more idea you know about how to use the Cardless Withdrawal Service, Thank you.

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