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Prayer Is Not Enough To Become A Successful Person

Posted: 12 August, 2017 at 05:18 pm
Prayer Is Not Enough To Become A Successful Person
Prayer Is Not Enough To Become A Successful Person Photo 1


Prayer is a way of communicating with God.

Prayer is also a weapon that we Christians use to fight against evil spirits.

But now adays Christians believed that with only prayer you can become a successful person , you are wrong, am telling you that prayer is not enough to become a successful someone in this life, you still needs to add some things with your prayer.

There are two types of Successful person

1. Spiritual successful person

2. Physical successful person


A Spiritual successful person is someone who accept Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior, obey his commandments and later die in Christ.

Jesus Christ came to this world to die for sinners and take away our sin but he commanded us to do the will of his father (God).

You need someone HOLY SPIRIT if you want to do God will.

HOLY SPIRIT, is a mediator between you and Jesus Christ, he is the only one that can identify sin.

As a christian, you need to have holy spirit, he will guide you in all your ways and show you sin.

Note that: A heart full of holy spirit will always do God's will and later become a Successful person.


A physical successful person is anyone who become successful in this world, example: the Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, and American billionaire, Mark Zuckerburg the founder of Facebook, e.t.c they are successful people because they have wealth, money, companies and power.

But as a true Christians you have to depend on God to become a successful person, and here are some steps you have to follow to become a successful person.

Even if a prophet of God always pray for you, you need this guidelines to become a successful person because prayer is not enough.

Here are the Guidelines to follows, if you want to become a successful person in God.

1. Be Prayerful

2.Pay your Tithes and Offerings completely.

3 Humble to God and Human

4. Always do God's will.

5. Always help others (Mostly the Poor).


Prayer as a weapon, Christians have to use this weapon to overcome the world, always know that this world is a battle ground, at the battle, two things happen, either you kill an enemy or kills you.

And any one who decided not to use his weapon in battle will surely be killed by an enemy, so Christians prayer is your weapon always use it, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 said pray without ceasing.

If you are prayerful, all your enemies will stay away from you, and all what you lay your hands on will prosper.


The Lord regards tithes and offerings as very important in Malachi 3:8-10, but now adays Christians think this money was given to pastors not God.

Anyone with this type of mindset can never be prosperous, because he is cheating on God and not man.

Some people pay their tithes and offerings but not complety, if you pay a complete tithe and offering the blessings of the lord will manifest in your life, also the promises of the lord in Malachi 3:10-12. will come to pass in your life.

I advice you to always pay your tithes and offerings completely.


If you want to become great or successful someone in God, you must be humble to God and human.

Even Jesus Christ shows a great example of humbleness in John 13:4-5 by washing the feet of his disciples.

Anyone who humble himself shall be lifted up by God as said in James 4:10 .

As you are reading this article, if you lack the spirit of humbleness please pray for it now.

Read this Bible chapters and verses you will know more about humbleness

1 Peter 5:6 ,Psalm 138:6,Proverbs 16:18 ,1 Peter 5:6-7


The almighty God want you to always do his will, you can see even Jesus Christ do the will of God in Luke 22:42 when he said let your will be done .

The lord is expecting you to make his will your number one priority in life. Once you do God's will all every other things will be given to you.

Christian abide with the will of God to become successful in life.


In most countries like Nigeria, we often find it difficult to help others, which is too bad.

Example: A Billionaire with $600,000 worth will find it difficult to help a poor man, thinking that if all poor men become rich, no one else will be left to say "Sir" to him.

These types of mindsets are usually found in Africa, whereas those people in higher places will only do things for their own satisfaction and not thinking about the less-privileged.

Even a poor man have to help one another, you may be wondering why a poor person help others, a poor person can help others by sharing an opportunity of job which he is not qualified for, to a friend or someone who is capable of doing it.

If that person becomes rich through that step, your name will be recorded in heaven that through you he has made it.

Every soul that is raised or saved through you will be recorded in heaven, and there is a reward for it in this world and heaven.

By doing this the Almighty God will be happy with you and show you mercy and favor before human.

Read this bible chapters and verses to learn more about helping poor and others Acts 2:44-45, Romans 16:1-3, Galatians 5:13 .

Conclusion: My fellow human please abide with this step and you will also become a physical successful person in the life.

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