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Adverse effects ''Garri'' can cause to your Health

Posted: 09 October, 2017 at 09:09 am
Adverse effects Garri can cause to your Health
'garri' mixed with milk and groundnuts

One food that is common wherever you go around the country is garri.

Made from cassava tubers, Garri originates from the Hausa Language in Northern Nigeria, it is used to describe any powdery material especially foodstuff. Flour food stuff mixed with water used to be the major diet in the Hausa lands and almost all parts of Nigeria for many centuries. This was used by travellers in particular, who were often unable to carry cooked meals.

Traveling on horseback on donkeys and trekking takes very long time and required ready fast food. For example, nowadays it takes 1hr 15min to go from kano from Zaria, Before 120 years ago it was a standard 5 days journey and you need to take a lot of "garri" with you.

It is loved by all and sundry because it is affordable and consumed in many ways. it may be consumed with milk, sugar, groundnut, coconut, fish etc.It may also be “transformed” and consumed when it is prepared with hot water and eaten with soup i.e 'Eba'.

Garri is processed from Cassava which is a tuber crop native to South America; However, Nigeria is the world's leading producer. It contains very high level of starch, and is processed in many ways to get an edible product from it.

How to make Cassava flour(Garri) from Cassava tubers

1.Peel off the skin of the cassava tubers. Try as much as possible not to peel too deep as you peel the wanted part as well.

2.Wash the peeled tubers. Use a lot of water because this is the one and only washing you are going to do.You can as well cut the tubers into medium sizes.

3.Take them to the machine and grind them. After the grinding, the cassava powder (still watery) need to be packed in long bags and drilled to ultimate dryness in a jack for 2-3 days.

4.Using a wide sieve, sieve off the fine cassava powder from other particles.

5.Then, using a wide frying pan, fry the powder in reasonable portions until it becomes very dry and brittle. Pack your garri in a dry place, and start enjoying your meal.

Meanwhile, Garri has numerous benefits as it is rich in minerals.Taking too much garri also have health implications;Like:

1. Garri is made from cassava as explained above and contains hydrocyanic acid. Cyanide in garri, in large quantity, can lead to serious eye defects. However, proper and thorough processing of the garri should reduce the concentration of the acid to a considerate level.

2. Cyanide is also an organic acid in nature and where in excess, it can lead to intestinal issues, and can worsen the case of an ulcer patient.

3. Cassava which is the root from which garri is produced is rich in carbohydrate. A cup of garri contains about 360 calories, out of which 99% is carbohydrate. Hence, consuming much garri can lead to storing of excess carbohydrates in the body and this can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

I know you love garri,but as stated above,proper processing of the garri can dramatically reduce the level of cyanide,Health they say is wealth.

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Upon the side effect you narrated, that will not me to stop taking garri, at all time😂✋✋😓✋😂😂 - Take-Time
Nice one Admin, Keep the ball rolling - Mozilla
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