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Discovered:Hawaii's Kilauea volcano Which Seem To Have A Smiley Face

Posted: 17 August, 2016 at 01:51 pm
Discovered:Hawaiis Kilauea volcano Which Seem To Have A Smiley Face
Discovered:Hawaiis Kilauea Volcano Which Seem To Have A Smiley Face Photo 1

In 1983, there was an erupted vocanoe called the Hawaii's Kilauea Vocanoe which has gone viral, and this vocanoe is one of the active vocanoe's in the world, as discovered by the U.S. Geological Survery(USGS). This vocanoe was given more attention before the recent happening that the Volcanoe's Lava formed a smiley look.

According to Janet Badd a geologist which have the observation of the USGS' Hawaiian Volcano she said the smiley look of this volcanoe appeared in a lava crater on the west flank of Pu'u 'O'o, on Kilauea's East Rift Zone.

It was discovered that the face seems to look smiley in the camera that the face has scientific meaning. The smiley face shape look were produce by normal volcanic activity.According to the Hawaiian Volcanoe the lava occur upwelling and downwelling at the opposite side of the lake as the lake circulate.

The circulation can also cause the surface to pull apart which will result in the creating of lines and reavel the lava beneath. This can also result in the spattering of the molten lava which creates bright spots on the dark-colored and semi-solid lake surface. Badd said-if this is chanced this will bring about the smiling image of the volcanoe.

Babb said-the two spattering source (bright dots) interpretes the two "eyes" and the incandesent line interpretes the "Mouth" with this two features produces the iconical face of this lake.

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