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Uber Produces First Driverless Car

Olumorokun Isreal
19 Aug, 2016 In tech0 Comments , leave one
Uber Produces First Driverless Car
A program which was made by a pilot in Pittsburgh offers Uber custumer free ride in an autonomous car-Volvo SUVs. If you've ever driven around in Downtown Pittsburgh, you know it's no going to be a easy journey. There are three converging rivers in which Pittsburgh driver are in it to win it, the downtown area is a triangle of narrow bridges, stacked overpasses and barely, sublimated Rust Belt aggression.

Uber plan to roll out it's self-driving cars in the heart of steel city for the first time. According to report that was made at Bloomberg that the plan made. This car will be availabe to climb into special modified Volvo XC90 sport which is strapped into dozen's of sensor's, Camera's, Laser's and GPS component's. Despite this is a self-driving car, it will still need a human driver on a board to supervice matters and control it.

The pittsburgh will be the first driverless car-sharing to come to market,if uber follows. Uber and Volvo plan to have 100 self-driving cars on the street by the end of the year, if their is co-operation.When the car was first rolled out the dispatch of the self-driving cars will be in random, According to Bloomberg's report, Uber is planning to partner with other automarkers in order to get into full vehicle buisness.

Uber is on an ongoing test which facilitates on downtown street, He has also been hiring expects in the area, for the couple of years for the upcoming public rollout of the car. It was reported that, Uber plans to produce autonomous vechicles and to hire hundreds of Engineers, Roboticists, and Mechanics for the venture. Volvo and Uber hope to have a fully autonomous fleet on the roads by 2021.

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